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Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: 3rd grade, character, child, humor, humorous, introspection, urdu,


Long ago
a year or so
I received accolades a plenty
I won this, and I won that
I was on top of it all
I was almost the whole shebang
I was important
I was all about me
I pandered and pounded
I wanted attention and I won
I was sad, when my cheating was undone

Caught with the red herring deep in my mouth
I left to sulk a bit and have a wee pout
then I figured out after I was caught
there was a way to still receive
the praise I so sought
once a month
that's how she works
post only then
the egoists trophy is my new perk

Poem Details | by Carolyn Sears |
Categories: funny, lost love, urdu,

Always And Forever

Always and forever, I think
Of you..

Every morning I raise its like
The dawn golden light..

You are in my mind

My heart..

My soul..

I carry you where ever my
Mind decide to go..

You are like a special rose

Growing to perfection..

So pure and true..

You sit upon my heart.

Like super glue..

You are the air I breath..

You the very soul of me..

Your memory locked 
Within my mind my

You are my pass my present
My future..

You are..

Woven so softly within my
Spirit that flies so free..

You will be..

Always and forever my love
So true..

Poem Details | by Zafar Khan |
Categories: funny love, hate, pashto, urdu, words, write, writing,


Mar jaain gay mar jaain gay
Tujhay phir ham yad ain gay..

Poem Details | by Gayan Singh |
Categories: art, humor, humorous, literature, pashto, satire, urdu,

Shareef Zada

1.Mafi Day Chado.
2.Na Na putar mafi nahi milni.
4.Tun bara yak ayn.
5.Nahi tawadi qasam.
6.Tawaday nalon kat yak an.
7.Baharhaal yak tay hain na.
8.Bus awain thora jaya.
9.Thora jaya kina ku?
10.Aho e koi char panj inch.
Note.Shareefan de hukumat tak shareef rawan ga...

Poem Details | by Kashmiri Kashmiri |
Categories: drug, fire, funny love, irony, pashto, satire, urdu,


Tun nay haram khana kia shoru kiya
Mein to tera khinzir sowr ban gaya.
Life is not comedy.

Poem Details | by Kashmiri Kashmiri |
Categories: games, humor, humorous, irony, pashto, satire, urdu,


Kon Suffer?
Sadi Ma da yaar suffer.
Keyra Suffer?
Jeyra sadi pen da khsm.
Kithay rehdna ay?
Vich varya rehnda ay?
Karda ki ay?
Vich karda ay?
Chawln na maar
whor ki maran??
To bring change you must not be afraid to take the first step.Rosa Parks

Poem Details | by Kashmiri Kashmiri |
Categories: adventure, hilarious, irony, mountains, muse, pashto, urdu,


Tera dayan kidar hai
Tayra sowr idhar hai.

Poem Details | by Sain Shareef Baglol |
Categories: art, chocolate, funny, funny love, humor, humorous, urdu,


Aik tha rizwan roader
Lagata tha ye powder
Sajh dhaj kay rehta tha
Kuryon ko lov u kehta tha
Code name tha RX 143
Yahan say chala gaya taxi-la
Kahan pay taxi-la taxi-la taxila
Ye name hai yan demand hai?
Achaa tax plus i plus la taxxiila.
Note.Jaisa shaks waisa name..