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Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: humor, love,

Usa Million Aire

The cooings of a snow-white dove
Beseech the wind to bring us love
But pandemics apart
Don't you dare touch my heart
Unless you wear a rubber glove!

Poem Details | by Vella Taliare |
Categories: america, funny, metaphor, political, presidents day, symbolism, usa,

Rotten Orange

There’s this
Rotten orange smell
I can’t see the orange, mind you
But it’s somewhere behind
The television screen
I know because
We smell it
We know it is there
I cannot breathe without
Remembering that rotten orange
That hidden somewhere
Moldy fruit
And honestly we were fine before it
We argued over other things and we didn’t
About fruit
Now I can’t watch tv
Without screwing up my nose
Or gagging at the smell
Without complaint after complaint
Because there’s nothing I can do
And no one knows how he got there
Too far out of reach
And it smells

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: humor, political,

Sevastopol Usa

Arizona's part of Ukraine
The home of Senator McCain
He'd gladly start shootin'
At Vladimir Putin
Since this terrain's in his domain

Author's note:  Senator McCain and Cindy have a vacation house and natural gas pipeline interests in Crimea, but now they are banned from there.

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, allusion, angel, anger, art, celebration, confusion, crazy, depression, desire, earth, emotions, fantasy, fear, feelings, freedom, god, grief, health, humanity, humorous, image, imagination, life, loneliness, love, magic, music, nonsense, peace, planet, political, poverty, power, pride, psychological, sound, space, spiritual, stars, stress, suicide, sympathy, teen, usa, wisdom, world,

An Aquarian Exposition

Take the pill
on the hill
and don't be shrill
when you see the rainbow
when you are low.
Just go with the flow
and eat the purple snow.
Chase the rabbits 
through the green field
but use my shield 
to end all of your habits.

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: humor,

Surfing Usa

Beach Boys sounds played as I walked through the door
Gran was smiling as she headed for shore
She shouted out in dismay
As the ironing board gave way
And ended up in a heap on the floor...

Written 17th July 2022
Limerick Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Lisa YY. 

Poem Details | by Jj Hammer |
Categories: america, destiny, funny, humorous, political, society, usa,

Trump Trump Trump

Congratulations to Donald Trump
Who gave Hillary Clinton the dump
She looked as clueless as Forest Gump
As voters saw her as Obama's chump

Election night went bump bump, bump
Republicans began to jump, jump, jump
Democrats now in a slump, slump, slump
Their throats feeling a lump, lump, lump

Supporters of Donald shaking their rumps
From women who are pleasingly plump
To the proud soldier revealing his stump
Nary a reveler with the face of a grump

He managed to get over a critical hump
Speaking about women he wanted to pump
Turn up the volume, listen to the thump
Of our 45th president, Donald Trump

                John j jr

Poem Details | by Elton Camp |
Categories: humor,

The Most Offensive C-Word In the Usa

The Most Offensive C-Word

By Elton Camp

The F-word is just revolting
The awful N-word is jolting

The way things have been of late
There’s another one that folks hate

Cruel is a word that most despise
For great evil it most surely implies

Crazy is very politically incorrect
For disability bias we easily detect

Yet another C-word that is even worse
Its very sight makes lot of people curse

For the word immediately does convey
Thoughts of leading the economy astray

If you have followed events of the day
Then it is “Congress” you likely will say

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: bullying, humor, integrity, usa, vanity, wisdom, women,

Dear Donald, Again

I fear you cast yourself in lights too grand
and powerful.

Is it not enough
to acknowledge this legal investigation
of whether you have intended to use your limited powers
for obstructing justice,

You go too far
casting yourself as a witch
hunted for misuse of powers
intended for promoting justice,
ecological equity.

Donald Trump,
you are merely President
by minority vote;
you are no hunted witch.

Except, of course,
within your own alternatively factual universe.

Poem Details | by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: family, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, parody, people, socialsweet, sweet, cousin,

Usa Marriage Justice Today

Oh, my sweet girl, come and shack up, with me.
We shall live on welfare and space out to see.
How many food stamp cards, we can arrange,
We shall visit for meds and beg for change.
Upon the riverbanks, we shall catch a cold.
Then we shall collect our oxy-cotton gold.
I shall gather clothes from good wills chest.
You prepare to go visit relatives in the west.
My sweet girl I shall give you no gold.
However, get you, giving us babies to hold.
A bed of daisies, I shall have waiting for you.
For freshening up our pet hound, old blue.
Our cousin Joe has a house that is so big.
We shall move in, us all, even with our pig.

Poem Details | by Debra L Brown |
Categories: funny, humorous, roses are red, usa,

A Love Letter From the Irs



                                    Roses are red, Violets are blue.
                         A love letter postmarked "Internal Revenue."

                                                      2/8/ 2022

                             Contest: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue 
                             a Valentine Challenge in One of Five Ways
                                       Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich

Poem Details | by Dr. Robert Ippaso |
Categories: hilarious, humorous, parody, political, satire, usa, wisdom,

The Rat - In Trumps Own Words

Cohen’s a snitch, an eel,
A despicable squeal,
Why I once trusted this horrible man,
This sniveling lawyer whose life is a sham,
Is simply beyond me a momentary lapse,
Yet one more sharp pain that my energy saps.
And while this all irks, stealing my time,
I revel in knowing the payback’s sublime.
His next stop a cell, depressing and cramped,
The perfect abode for this creep to be dumped.
As for these democrats digging for dirt
Little they realize their pistols just squirt,
I’ve the bazooka loaded and primed
Waiting to fire at the moment best timed,
So let them all revel while they still can
For I am the gale force to their puny fan.

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: funny, holidaychristmas, happy, christmas, happy,

Southern Christmas Ya'Ll(Usa)

Sleighbells ring are you kidding?
In the lane sun is shining
It's a beautiful sight, I'm coatless tonight.
Walking in the southern Christmas air.

In the meadow we will build a manger.
In the south they aren't a stranger.
We're happy tonight when we see the sights.
Walking in the southern Christmas air.

On the highways you'll see a hay sculpture
We pay to take a decorative light tour
We're happy tonight when we see the lights.
Walking in the southern Christmas air.

Walking in the southern Christmas (warm) air.

Sung to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
Everyone is invited to add a verse or improve mine.
Sara Kendrick helped me write this one. Thanks, Mom!!

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: celebration, community, funeral, humor, power, racism, usa,

Anticlimate Cabinetry

Community organizers
and multiculturing regenerators
and organic whole food farmers
all agree
we tend to end up
back to where historically empowered nutritional voices 

Look at all these old white men
in their predominantly red meat patriarchal ties.

Is this a cabinet
made of polyculturing organic containers
for regenerate multicultural growth?

Or a funeral
for the not too soon departing 
all WhiteHouse?

(but I have too much to declare)

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: humor, usa, word play,

Stating the Obvious

I. O. Way     found     O, Hi! O 
      R. Ken Saw     Sheikh A. Go

   Ten E. See     bought     Minnie A. Soda 

      Indy Anna     s'got      Cocoa Mo'

Poem Details | by Randy Johnson |
Categories: drink, history, humor,

Prohibition In the Usa

Prohibition began one hundred years ago in the USA.
People had their right to drink booze taken away.
This made people unhappy and they began to whine.
And this caused Al Capone to start peddling moonshine.
Capone was evil and because of him, people were killed.
On December 5 1933, the 18th Amendment was repealed.
People were very happy because prohibition came to an end.
They were as giddy as school girls to have the right to drink again.

Poem Details | by Dr. Robert Ippaso |
Categories: conflict, humorous, parody, perspective, political, satire, usa,

Mother Russia - In Putin's Own Words

’m simply a bystander
In this endless game of thrones,
But what a joy it is to see
Live flesh decay to bones.

The USA imploding,
Britain going mad,
The French in revolution,
Their politics quite sad.

Where is all the promise,
The banter and the laughs,
The Western castle crumbling,
Their rooms now full of drafts.

So what of Mother Russia,
A beacon shining bright,
My door forever open,
To lead all to the light.

I wouldn’t say I told you,
But I knew it all along,
The inevitable conclusion
That proves I’m right, they’re wrong!

Poem Details | by Dr. Robert Ippaso |
Categories: anxiety, humorous, parody, political, satire, usa, vanity,

A President's Musings - In Trumps Own Words

“Impeach, Impeach” the chorus grows
Wise is the phrase “What I shall reap is what I sow”,
Show me the way, find me a door,
For this great stage I crave no more.

God know’s I’ve tried, perhaps too much
To put the world to rights and such
Is my reward, forlorn by friend and foe
I’ve never in my life felt so very low.

What will I do, how should I act,
Shall I perhaps try dignity and tact?
But why now fall for this vile ruse
To be sidelined, become a mere recluse?

Let me stand tall, tell them what’s what,
If I recall they did sign squarely on the dot,
I’ll show them how it still can be,
To have the greatest President our world will surely ever see.

Poem Details | by Mike Martin |
Categories: hilarious, holiday, humor,

The Folks From Usa

The folks are coming up to visit
Won’t they be astonished
Our igloos have all melted
We’re swimming in them now

Our sled dogs are all miniature
They wear booties and a coat
They don’t pull much of anything
They couldn’t if they tried

Our baby wears a big fur coat
Even when it’s ninety-eight
She purrs her song as the day is long
For a feline of her weight

We got new floors the straw is gone
The dung is all cleaned up
And now we have a real A/C
It doesn’t work with ice

We’ll put them up down at the Grand
On the east side of the Hat
Where the grass is green and there is no fence
And we splash in the big square pond

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: caregiving, health, humanity, humor, usa,

Quality Persons

"My son is a high quality person..."

A striking presidential sentiment.
Like defending an expensive choice cut
of red meat.

This view of healthy humanity
as a valuable commodity
reminds me
of his plan for health insurance divestment:

A very, very good plan for all Americans
[who are fortunate enough to be high quality persons,
transparently free of unfortunate pre-existing
Grade B
or C
or, god forbid, Grade D
or E
or Total Fail conditions.]

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: earth, health, humanity, humor, integrity, power, usa,

Draining the Swamp

Dear Donalds and Fans Thereof

I suppose by now you have noticed
there is an unfortunate difference
between draining the swamp
and becoming the swamp.

Swamp life promises fast thrills
but delivers slow and sure decomposition,
loneliness at the sadly shared bottom
of the top.

But, the swamp is also rich with creolization opportunities,
polycultural seductions and fertility,
cooperative marshes
trying to breathe
underneath our oil slick
toxic ego-incorporated politics.

To drain the swamp
we must first notice
we have become swamped.

To drain the Trumps
we must first notice
we have become trumped.

Poem Details | by Dr. Robert Ippaso |
Categories: america, endurance, humor, parody, political, satire, usa,

Wily Old Fox - In Biden's Own Words

I bend and I sway,
I’m a wily old fox,
Let Trump rue the day
I jumped from my box.

I’m now running wild
On the meadows I love,
My colleagues quite riled
As I give them a shove.

Third time’s a real charm,
I’m the man of the hour,
The one to wreak harm,
As they all run and cower.

They say I’m too old,
But little they know
My stamina’s great,
So let them all crow.

The fun’s barely started,
I’m riding the wave,
My victory charted,
The country I’ll sway.

My friendly demeanor,
My steely resolve,
Trump’s fight may be meaner,
But watch this evolve.

The media’s all with me,
The Unions can’t wait,
So just wait and see
Me become head of State.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: abuse, bullying, health, humor, integrity, love, usa,

When Pigs Can'T Fly

If love is healthy
and health is love,
whether a screaming rabid eagle
or a peaceful mother dove,
then it matters,
whether you are a pitbull
or a kinda bitchy beagle,

When someone nominates for CEO
a person who flat out tells you
I am a pig,
and not only that,
I could fly like an eagle
if not for all you lumpen doves,

don't walk,
fly, if you can,
in most any other direction.

To do otherwise
is like saying healthy Earth
could be more lovely
if flying pigs
were plutocratic CEOs.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: giggle, political, satire, usa,

Elation's Inflation

Optimism is rising
  alongside inflation
Elation is spreading 
  across our great nation

It’s starting to look like
  there will be a rerun
in two years of Trump vs. Biden
  ~ to learn who really won

Poem Details | by Dr. Robert Ippaso |
Categories: christmas, future, humor, parody, political, satire, usa,

I Won'T Be Forgot - In Trump's Own Words

One last time
The stage is mine
The Media's stunned
That deal now canned.

What were they thinking
With clearly no inkling
I'd throw in a wrench
And create such a stench.

Congress in tatters
The Senate all flutters
Biden in hiding
With me still presiding.

As to those in the country
Needing such bounty
In my own time
I may give them a dime.

Some might well suffer
Just makes them far tougher
Christmas or not
I won't be forgot.

Bottom line folks
And this isn't a hoax
They robbed me this time
But the country's still mine

What's a few years
Watching Biden in tears
I'll show that has-been
By getting back in!

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: history, humor, mental illness, patriotic, usa,

King Donald Twitter

I wonder if King Donald
is an unhappy reincarnation of King George,
and now is his time to take back the royal throne
to get even with the common people
and those who would be their eyes
and ears
and noses,
smelling something rotten.