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Poem Details | by Jadazzle United |
Categories: humorous, vacation,

Vacation Disaster

We arrived at the airport quite late
My passport was months out of date
My husband was snappy
The baby filled its nappy
I just stood there and got quite irate

The pilot had been on the pop
On the runway he couldn't stop
He just missed a tree
Stopped off for a pee
Now his career is facing the chop

Our hotel was two star not four
Cockroaches crawled on the floor
We got a terrible fright 
In the middle of the night
A tornado blew off our door

Written for Vacation Humor Contest Sponsored By Carolyn Devonshire

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny, vacation,

Wally Needs To Lighten Up a Little

We went on a Lampoon vacation
Drove damn near across our great nation
We found Wally World
The rides made me hurl
(Can’t repeat Wally’s exclamation)

Submitted for: Carolyn’s contest

Poem Details | by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: fish, fishing, funny, humor, humorous, ireland, vacation,

Fishing Buy the Pound

Finn and Mcgee
went fishing once more
With the money they saved up all year

They rented a cabin 
up by the lake
And filled it with fish bate and beer

For two weeks of fishing
They made it their mission 
To wake up and start at first light

With poles in their hands
They hardly could wait
For a big fish to come up and bit

Day after day
They fished and they fished
but barely got even a nibble

Then on the last day
McGee caught a trout
That apparently wasn't so fickle

Now on the way Home
Finn said " McGee
You Know what this fish, has cost you----

---A thousand Quid"
"Well Finn, if it did
Then I glad I didn't catch two"

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: anger, holiday, humor, money, travel,

Vacation, Duration, Frustration, Grrr

I know of a pretty New Jersey lass Who decided to vacation First Class But on the very first night Oh no! Cancelled flight What a total pain in the *** I'm sure her tomorrows will be better Or she'll surely be posting a letter If her plane don't take off soon It could be worse than High Noon She'll be angry, we'll just have to fetter When things couldn't have gotten any worse Once again she has to dip into her purse For the flight is okay But triple charges she'll pay A vacation just shouldn't be a curse .

Poem Details | by Arlene Smith |
Categories: adventure, funny,

My Vacation

Well, this is how my vacation went;
 determined to stay in my camping tent.
The wind blew hard.
My tent sailed far.
I found it but all of the poles were bent.

Made it to Yellowstone after dark.
Didn't see the NO TENTS sign in the park.
Got mauled by a bear.
Moose in heat at me stares.
If he catches me, I'm sure it will smart!

I made it to the Old Faithful show.
First time ever she didn't blow.
My vacation sure did.
Next year I'll be hid;
 in the safety and comfort of my own home!

Contest: Vacation Humor
Sponsor: Carolyn Devonshire

Poem Details | by Warner Baxter |
Categories: city, crazy, funny, hilarious, silly, travel, vacation,

European Vacation

There once was a man from Rome who's head was shinny like chrome gave the world spiritual hope was given the title of Pope now he wears a hat like that of a gnome ~*~ There once was a girl that lived in Brussels who married a man, now they're the Russell's she was kind of a geek he was more than weak she with no brains him without muscles ~*~ There once was a girl from France who danced on stage with no pants she showed off her tush but never her bush she left the crowd in a trance ~*~

Poem Details | by Faye Gibson |
Categories: funny, marriage, vacation,

Honeymoon Vacation

Just a honeymoon beach vacation,
a fine nuptial love celebration;
   we arrived a night early,
   we would find hotel surely:
“No rooms” was the sad proclamation.

“An hour away you might find one.”
They were right for we only found…NONE!!
  We got off beaten path.
  too tired then to laugh,
looked for a place “mom and pop” run.

Well, it must have been close to midnight,
exhausted the lady and her knight;
  we found Motel Warwick,
  a guest house illicit,
and christened our honeymoon site.

Copyright, July 13, 2014
Faye Lanham Gibson

Poem Details | by Cheryle Sanders |
Categories: funny,

Fantasy Vacation

I dream of a fantasy vacation 
At a steamy, exotic location 
I’d pound Monkey's Martini 
In my polka dot bikini 
And sip water for added hydration.

Poem Details | by Karen Croft |
Categories: funny,


relaxation helps
a vacation would not hurt
county fair and food

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: funny, humor, love, lust, sexy, vacation,

The Vacation That Saved An Affair

I need a vacation she said
From all of this playing in bed
And she let him know
There’s more to love’s glow
By moving on sofa instead

Poem Details | by Cheryl Hoffman |
Categories: dream, funny,

No Frills Vacation

As she envisions boarding the plane,
she whoops a big hooray,
but then she's quickly back to earth,
realizing all the bills to pay…
Her dream vacation is to one day
see the sights and sounds of London, 
but for now she'll have to settle
for some bathwater filled with Calgon!

Poem Details | by Robin Davis |
Categories: funny, vacation,

Problems In Paradise

A vacation on an island
Had me all shook up and cryin'
I was supposed to surf on top
Of waves but all I did was plop
On my front side really hard
Leaving it all red and scarred
Now I can't wear my bikini
Waves of terror were a meanie
My nice figure is now covered
As I lay on the beach hovered
By hot sun making me sweat
I can not even get wet
Because I look like an apple slice
Half of me red, the other white

Poem Details | by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: candy, funny love,

Vacation Sex

it was few weeks away
the hotel we would stay
it was nices
we didn't think twices
a largh bed
haveing sex was in my head
we checked in
 the bed just blend
we rock and sock
it was all night lone we got it on
thinking of it am still wet
it was

Poem Details | by Dave Collins |
Categories: adventure, analogy, humor,

Typical American On Vacation

See shot glasses filled with fun
See many shot glasses, have I begun?
Drink, drank, drunk
What's the bread for?
Ohh, dipping.          Yea.

Poem Details | by Cheryl Hoffman |
Categories: boat, humor, vacation,

Viking Cruise

They read all about the Viking cruise
going for the first time they hadn't a clue
the addendum read
and actually said
no raiding allowed which means the fridge too!


Poem Details | by Ryan Graham |
Categories: humorous, poetry, vacation, words, writing,

I Would Have Written This Poem

I would have written this poem, but all the words grew feet. 
I opened MS Word, they turned and ran right off the sheet.
I looked for them on Facebook. Not a word in sight.
There wasn’t one on TV. Believe me, I looked all night.

I checked inside the Play Station, I went through every game.
They weren’t inside my iPhone, I texted every name. 
I grew tired, walked to bed. On the sheets I found a note. 
“Vacation in Mexico. We’ll send a postcard from the boat."

Poem Details | by Brigitte Pace |
Categories: humorous, travel, vacation,

Vaction Hell As Far As I Can Tell

Something like this could only ever happen to me
I’ve boarded a plane and flown to the wrong country
Alitalia decided to strike while we were in mid air
That was the end of my first love affair
Here in Albania things don’t look great
I was always slim but here I've lost weight
Managed to get out of this terrible place
You should see the colors of the spots on my face
I start my vacation at long last
I fall in a pot hole and end up in a cast
The Italians love me so
They’ve stolen my passport and I have nowhere to go.

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: angst, humor,

Vacation Humor

Our sponsor papers much earlier had reached,
To my dear sister we had promised,
This vacation we were to spend in Brisbane,
Surgeon declared emergency, plans in vain,
Oh trip to Australia, landed up in hospital instead!

Planned a gala party at home,
Leaving unturned not a single stone,
Invitation sent to esteemed guests,
Sickness left me quite stressed,
Food bland soups, no lavish bone!

Planned to meet beloved on a bright day,
Dressed in favourite blue, I was on my way,
Much to my agony, he said he was stuck,
A bad vacation it was, and my bad luck,
Consoled myself, thinking he must be gay !

Written on 13/7/14
Contest- Vacation humor
Sponsor- Carolyn Devonshire

Poem Details | by Sourabh Singh |
Categories: adventure, cheer up, emotions, fantasy, hilarious, imagination, vacation,


Afloat laid back
On the surging waves
In the ocean of love
‘O’ mermaids of ecstasy
Relish the bliss

In drapes of darkness
Like diamond studs
‘O’ fireflies of hope
Flap your jovial wings
Twinkle the fervency

White body of silk-cotton
Electric swords in bosom
‘O’ clouds of desire
Do rain in drops
Drench the facade of affection

Warm embrace around trellis
Amid tender foliage of caress
Pair of sparrows sharing beaks
‘O’ pistils of blush
Shower the fragrance
Flush the ambiance

Poem Details | by James Study |
Categories: adventure, america, funny, places, poems, travel, vacation,

Lost R V

Northern Maine in the north country air
Ask direction did the road go where
In a heavy north Maine dialect
Came the answer return so correct
Road don't go nowhere it just lays there

Poem Details | by Patricia Sawyer |
Categories: adventure, education, funny, holiday, school, seasons

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

I chopped and hoed and planted seed
... dug a swimming hole
I picked and shucked and canned the corn
.... killed an ugly mole..
I read some books then read some more..
.... climbed up the old pine trees
I fell right down and hit the ground
.... Skinning both my knees.... 
I played a song .. and danced a spell 
... on Grandma's metal drum
and though she tried to look away
...  I heard my sister hum..
Now that  it's time for back to School..
..  I hate to hear them say..
Now write some words that tell us how spent the holiday!

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: family, funny, holiday, imagination, lifeme,

After the Vacation and Dirty Clothes

The Mother Ship has brought me in
I must now clear the den
Of all the dirties from the trip
I have, I have to get a grip

Packing up and arriving home
Has left me somewhat alone
Everyone has disappeared to separate space
Now I have to have the grace

Not complain but do the work
Of coming home to the same old stuff
Grind of everyday has its way
Of sucking the life right away

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: beach, crazy, drink, humor, sea, tree, vacation,


I need a vacation just for little old me,
telling no one~I will just pack and flee.
This crazy world has me buzzing like a big fat bee,
I must be set totally free.
The doctor ordered one sandy island by the blue sea,
I will definitely agree.
This island will make me carefree,
I have not been like this since I was thirty-three.
One huge tropical drink under a palm tree,
oh no~now I need to pee.

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: bird, dog, flower, humor, travel, uplifting, vacation,


I went on a trip with my uncle
it was through a jungle.
We saw many colorful flowers,
until the heavy rain showers.
The birds then came out singing,
off in the distance we heard bells ringing.
Look there must be a hundred frogs,
they are chasing the four dogs.
This jungle is way too hot,
it sure is no Camelot.
We need a cold drink,
I wish I had lemonade that is pink.
Glad today is over,
we need a hot shower and a soft bed cover.

Date Written: 3/6/2023

"2 Place"

Poem Details | by Teresa Harr-Pena |
Categories: family, funny, me,

No Vacation For Me

I can't seem to take a vacation
No matter how hard I try
Boys joining the army
Girls hormones on the fly

Ford needs a tranny
Chevy needs a clutch
Mustang needs a starter
Grand Prix needs a water pump...not much

My Dodge, my baby
Now the kids use every day
I'ts keeping me here
I wanna go play

After 40 years of
Living a hectic life
In need a break f from being a mom
Being an ex-wife LOL

I guess maybe when I'm 50
I can get away
From all the things now
That are making me stay