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Poem Details | by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: humor, humorous, snow, winter,


I walked by a snowman named Fred

  Who stood on his twigs and his head

    He hid both his stalks

      With poorly-matched socks

        And showed off his snowballs instead.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Christmas Limericks (New Or Old)" Poetry Contest, Carolyn Devonshire, Judge & Sponsor.

~ 6th Place ~  in the "Your Best Single Limerick Five Lines Only" Poetry Contest, Robert Haigh, Sponsor.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Upside-Down World - Limerick" Poetry Contest, Eve Roper, Sponsor.

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: humor, weather,

Winter Keeps Springing Up

Daffodils blooming,
Robins tweeting in trees,
Pollen is looming,
Sky falling like seas.

Atlanta’s warming -
Bless it’s peachy heart.
Isn’t it charming,
The chill will not part.

Can’t put my clothes away.
Winter keeps springing up.
My woollen socks sashay.
Taunt of sweaters: “Wuz up?”

Kids hop, skip and jump,
The joy of April,
Let go of the slump -
Could be they’re grateful…

Tender leaves unfold,
Sun is inviting,
But on the threshold,
The cold’s still biting.

Can’t put my clothes away
Winter keeps springing up
My woollen socks sashay
Taunt of sweaters: “Wuz up?”


Poem Details | by Charles Messina |
Categories: humor,

Winter Magic

An adrenalin rush, rocked my head 
When I saw a child- on her sled 
It made me think; should I go slide 
I'm eight-two...So, before I died 
Just one more time, before I'm dead 
Or before I'm my bed 
What could happen, something tragic? 
I'm eighty-two, can you call that tragic? 
So here I go, down the hill ....Wheeee!! 
Oh my God- ((Tragic)) ...."Peeee"

Poem Details | by Key V. |
Categories: autumn, december, february, funny, summer, weather, winter,


I hate the cold weather, whether to say the least,
the cold weather hates me, i slipped and fell last week,
plus the warm weather's better, i'd rather sweat than freeze,
put the ice in my drinks not in my socks and sleeves, 
the reason i feel this way, stems from two things, 
maybe i'm a fall guy, with wants to see some leaves, 
or i just miss the summer days with vitamin ray beams, 
either reason or way my thoughts remain oblique,
because i hate the cold weather and cold weather hates me.

Poem Details | by Warren Doll |
Categories: fantasy, funny, snow, winter,


Snowman stands in all his splendor
Perfectly made of three snow globes 
Proud of his coal eyes and carrot nose
Large colored marbles for mouth and smile
Hardy twigs at his side for arms
Glancing down he’s quite content
He was made anatomically correct
Classically covered by a large fig leaf

Poem Details | by Matthan Atherton |
Categories: adventure, funny, naturesnow, snow,

Winter Fun

Outside so cold
Let Winters story unfold

The lake now ice
A fire out back, so nice

As the blizzard sets in
A snowball fight will separate the boys from the men

A snowman emerges from hard work
A little boy knocks it over, what a jerk

A snow day for school
All the kids think it's cool

Shovel the snow from the porch
The intense cold can scorch

Go back inside
From the cold, run and hide

Poem Details | by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: humor,

A Cold Winter

The winter has honed its attack.
“I'm freezing!” my butt shrieks alack,
as up climb the freezes
from toes passed the knees-es.
It's so cold my foreskin grew back!


Poem Details | by Debra L Brown |
Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade, flower, giggle, nature, spring, winter,

Mother Nature's Scolding


                                 Winter and spring had a fight.
                            We had 4 inches of snow late last night.
                       The tulips and daffodils are covered in snow.
                          Cold winds and temperatures above zero.
                      Their dear mother said, "You two better play nice!"
                         "Do not cross me or you'll pay the price."

Poem Details | by Gary Smith |
Categories: community, humorous, people, winter,

The Communal Defrost

Jack frost had paid a call,
The morn was all a-glitter.
Icicles dangled from frozen gutters,
The day was cold and bitter.

Greetings of "good morning "
Came from here and there
As the hardy left their houses,
To face the freezing air.

I heard familiar sounds
Echoing around our street,
Neighbours scraping windscreens
And stamping frozen feet.

Clouds of exhaled breath
Rose up to the sky,
As if ghostly, silent steam trains
Were slowly drifting by.

The sound of engines running,
As people warmed their cars.
It was the communal defrost,
Beneath early morning stars.

Poem Details | by B. Joseph Fitzsimons |
Categories: christmas, holiday, humor, humorous, seasons, thanksgiving, winter,

Its Beginning To Look a Lot Like Crapitalsm

Once commenced the fest of feasting and giving thanks for genocide,
‘Tis the season to be jolly to replace our thoughts of suicide.

Santa claws his way into a child’s mind insidiously, 
And the air begins to reek again of yuletide idiocy.

The bliss of belief in an ancient hippie turned into a homeless wizard,
Adjoins the joy of gifts from an obese geriatric myth flying in a blizzard.

Eight deer reign behind his ninth whose nose an eightball thaws,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
It follows us everywhere we go,
Take a look and ask like Jack, “what’s this?”
And see it’s but blinding capitalism aglow.

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: humor, summer, winter,

Our Winter Turned Into Summer

I wish I knew how cold summer would be, maybe I’d wear long leggings in the pool- I’d swim with my mittens casually, and most likely look like a chilly fool. Cuz’ winter turned into summer in June, kids went sledding in the lavender field- The snow melted and I looked like a prune, ice stuck on the oranges as I peeled. It happened so fast we never saw Spring, the poor squirrels never buried their nuts- Never heard the baby birds chirp and sing, never heard the quacking of the lil’ ducks. Our Winter turned into Summer…so strange- The seasons mother nature rearranged! A Funny Sonnet How Your Winter Turned Into Summer August 26, 2017

Poem Details | by David Kavanagh |
Categories: allegory, humor, perspective,

Winter Is Not Forever

winked tortoise to the snail ~ the hare was already springing past summer 

Winter is not Forever Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: BJ Legros Kelley 
Howmanysyllables 17

Poem Details | by David Welch |
Categories: children, day, fun, humor, seasons, winter, youth,

Kids' Snow Day

Just last night we got two feet of snow,
enough to make all of the school’s close,
kids get excited, ready to blow,
made them put on all their heavy clothes,
what happened next everybody knows,
the boys ran outside, started a row,
air crisscrossed with snowballs they throw,
if you get hit you feel slushy woe
until soaked socks chill up the toes,
how winter should be, I deem it so!
My teenage daughter flips through her phone,
into the white she’s too ‘cool’ to go,
the couch, it seems, is permanent home,
my son with snowball creeps up real low,
I hear her shrieks, and just say,”Oh no.”
This day really does belong to the snow.

Poem Details | by Terry Flood |
Categories: humor, winter,

Yes Dear

I’m trying to write like a bard
She asked me to go dig the yard
Though protests were made
I picked up a spade
I grinned when the ground was too hard

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: animal, humor, winter,

- Haiku X 169 - D-Uck -

duck lost its balance
                                  impressive version of splits -
                                      sliding  - frozen pond
                                         clumsy behavior
                                        cold winter reality -
                                      humor - break the ice

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 5-7-5

Poem Details | by Robin L. Gass |
Categories: dedication, funny, sea, seasonssnow, snow,

The Weary Winter Snow

The snow white blanket glistening
so brightly all around
has grown so very tired
as the winter's winding down.

Oh how we long for Springtimes' sun
to smile about the place
to melt the weary winter snow
and wash its' dirty face.

But when the old and forlorn snow
has melted we shall find
we'll curse all of the Springtime mud
that it will leave behind.

This was inspired by Moggie, the woman I was aid
and companion to, when she was commenting on
the dirty snow and said someone should write a
poem about it.  I wrote this for her and I wanted to
share this with you.   RG

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: funny

Welcome Winter

Winter's chill is invigorating
Like and electric chair--zap!
Those cold hands make me want to run screaming
Get those icicles away from me!! Oh snap!
Welcome winter, don't last too long, where is my cap?

The blustery wind in less than fifty degrees
Cuts like a knife, injury to injury I say, winter don't stay
High heating bills, charge account is over drawn, PLeeease!
The daylight is short and the sky is gray
Why does it have to get this way??

For Carol Brown(for the contest)

Oh yeah welcome WINTER!
Christmas charge account is over drawn??
I owe what??

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: car, humorous, winter,

My Car

My car hit the ice                                                                                                  I have done it twice                                                                                          cars watch out                                                                                                now don't pout                                                                                                        I have no advice


Date Written: 12/28/2020
Note: Limerick Rhyme

5  Place
Winter Snow or Ice Limerick Contest Contest Judged: 1/8/2021                                                             Sponsored by:Tania Kitchin

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: humor, spring, weather, winter,

Ground Hog Day

Ground Hog Day We know every year comes the day We see if our Winter will stay… The Ground Hog will show By shadow we’ll know If we can put snow gear away. If he sees his shadow at all Then Winter will stay here on call… No shadow means great! Spring’s right at the gate! Let’s dance and go have us a ball! However I heard from good source Phil Ground Hog will have no remorse… He will not come out You better not pout If Springtime goes far off its course! © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved ~NA~ Contest: Punxsutawney Phil Speaks Sponsor: John Lawless Judged: 02/02/2015

Poem Details | by Judy Ball |
Categories: funny, life, parody, car,

The Winter Time Blues

(Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing through the snow,
It's thirty-two below,
My hands are cold, my feet are numb,
For some this weather sure ain't fun.

My eyes are tearing up,
My nose has turned bright red,
My fingers hurt, the car won't start,
I should have stayed in bed.

Ohhhhhh! Off to work, Off to work,
I gotta get to work.
The car won't start, the battery died,
I'll have to try to hitch a ride.

Standing in the cold,
I'm waiting for the bus,
If I don't freeze to death today,
It's 'cause pneumonia got me fust.

Merry Christmas, Y'all

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: adventure, funny, home, humorous, seasons, spoken word, winter,

A Good Winter's Cleaning

What are Cabinites                                                                                                          all things you find when cleaning                                                                                      cabinet dwellers

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: child, childhood, family, children, funny, people, seasons, snow,


Snow falls
Fun calls

Old folks 
Wear cloaks 

Snow slide
Sleighs ride

Cold day
Kids play

Snow fight
Cool sight 

Round balls
Crash walls

Good hit
Kid’s split

Cold nose
Froze toes

Ó February 5, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by Janet Eaton |
Categories: humor, spring, winter,

Snow Flakes and Easter Lilies

Snow flakes and Easter lilies scatter the ground
Winter time and Spring time seem to be having a round
Like a game of tug of war each side wants control
Today it was winter who wanted to rock n roll
Tomorrow maybe Spring time will give it a heave ho
Guess we won’t know till tomorrow though

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: funny, health, how i feel, rain, winter,


This was not my today's agenda,
Hankies for snuffles my addenda,
Here I rest, moribunda!
Wintry weather down under,
Suppose it is not so bad,
Bed rest to be had,
Not in the rat race,
Cosy bed today's place,
Definitely not my today's agenda,

Poem Details | by Danielle White |
Categories: animals, funny, nature, pets, seasons

Winter Woe

Whispering winds of winter woe,
icy branches bend and bow,
catfish cradled in the mud,
winter waters slow their blood.

Scampering squirrels, fat & fluffed,
chasing, leaping, playing rough,
the birds are bent on staying warm,
surround the suet in a swarm.

Babs and Buster, canine friends,
stalk the squirrels who torture them,
they snort and sniff at gopher holes,
tormented by these mining moles.

In the western window, warm,
the felines flourish through the storm,
soon the sunshine's streaming in,
thus the cooking of cats begin.

Cloaked and covered, in cozy coats,
we wait for Spring with hallowed hopes,
to lay upon the dock again
and feel the sunshine bake our skin.