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Poem Details | by Gwendolen Song |
Categories: kids, funny, imagination,

The Sick Zebra

A zebra looked in the mirror one day

His stripes were fading from black to green

His eyes looked sallow and his stomach upset

Like when he ate too much candy on Halloween

He took some brown paint and covered his green stripes

Remembering the color wheel from third grade art

Brown plus green equals a return to black

He looked in the mirror and said, “Gee whiz! I’m smart!”

Written by Gwendolen Rix
For my grandson Sebastian

Poem Details | by Viv Wigley |
Categories: humor, nature,

To a - Zebra

You're a horse with an idiot paint job,
all zig-zaggy blacketty-white
you stand out when you're in a snowdrift
and can't even hide in the night.
Outrunning a Cheetah you canna
not graceful like any Gazelle
for living out on the Savanna
your life must be probably hell.
I once tried your flesh on Safari
at a camp where we had barbecue
so to add insult to injury
ugly Warthog tastes better than you.

For contest 'To a …... ' sponsored by David Lindsay

Poem Details | by Kevin Shaw |
Categories: africa, animal, funny, nonsense, silly, word play,

Zebra in M and S

A Zebra in M&S

I don’t suit these broad black stripes,
Said a Zebra in M & S.
Have you something in a spot?
I want to look my best.

Poem Details | by Clive Blake |
Categories: africa, animal, fun, funny, humor, word play, writing,


The zebra:
An optical illusion
That tricks your sight,
Not colour, not HD ready,
But just in black and white.

An African sales success,
Of great pride it’s the source,
Cleverly marketed as …
A bar-coded horse.