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Funny Poems About Fathers Day or Fathers Day Funny Poems

Humorous and funny Fathers Day poems and/or funny poems about Fathers Day. Read, share, and enjoy these hilarious Fathers Day funny poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Fathers Day Poems.

Poem Details | by Judy Ball |
Categories: father, funny, day, me, fathers day, day, me,


Happy Father's Day Mom,
Without you this day would be,
Completely non-existant;
This day just would not be.

Dad is great, don't get me wrong,
I think that he is grand.
He's always there to play some game,
Spend time or lend a hand.

He taught me how to cast a line,
When we go out fishing.
He taught me how to speak my mind,
That there's no gain in wishing.

I don't think I'll e'er repay,
All that he's done for me.
I know for sure in all the world,
There's no one just like he.

I'd like to give him something,
To show there's none like he;
But you already did that,
On the day you gave him me.

Poem Details | by Charlie Murder |
Categories: fathers day, funny, me,


HARK! speak up, any man who wants to hear it.
we honestly dont know what it is, 
but we have our own problems!
call me a hypocrite, but isnt everyone?
we complain of the things we dont wanna hear
then of things we didnt hear when its too late.

tell me then...can a million men allbe wrong?