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All Funny Poems
D Haiku D N Eh d,and o,b,r
d,y,r,k,m D-O-G D.O.A.
Da boyz a lazy Dabblin' In Free Verse Dabbling With Clerihews
Dad Dad The Song Leader Dad's Ballet Recital
Dad's Gone Fishing Dadagital DADDY
Daddy Dear Daddy's Friend Daddy's Tied Up At The Office
Dadgumitrefereeism Dadgumitrefereeism Daffodil's Gold
Daffodils Daffodils Daffy Definitions (Part 3 )
Daffy Definitions by POETRYSOUP ( Part4 ) Daffy Definitions by POETRYSOUP (Part 2) Daffy Definitions by PoetrySoup(Cowritten by DANE ANN)
Daft Dog Daft From Bath Daft- Hallucination
Dagwood Bumstead Daily Grind Daily Rations Of Hay
Daily rhymes dainty delores DAIRY AIR
Dairy Depression Dairy Headlines Daisy MacDonald
Damn Damn Christmas Bills Damn Itch
Damn Pen Damn Sheep Damn Solar Flares
Damn Words Damn you, UPS March 3, 2017 Cassidy's Poetry Dan of the Land
DANCE dance Dance
Dance Dance WHAT Me Dance by the Fire
Dance For Me Dance of My past Dance to tha beat
Dance, Ballerina dancer Dancer
Dancin' (Footle) Dancin' at the Wagon Wheel Dancing
Dancing Dancing Angels Dancing Disaster
dancing diva Dancing for fun Dancing Fun
Dancing Politicians Dancing Remains Dancing to the Tune of the Donkey
Dancing with Elaine Benes Dancing With Migraines Dancing With The Devil
DANDELION ROOT TEA Dandelion Wishes Dandelions
Dandelions Dandriff Dandy
Dandy Don Johnson Dandy Randy Dane Ann-d her Computer
Dang Ol Faeries Danger - Musicians Dangerous Down~loading .
Dangerous Granny Dangers Of Pensioner Dating Dangit
DANGLING CONTEMPLATION Dangling Contemplation Daniel Radcliff's Spell
Danny Boy Danny Graham Celebrity DANNY THE WAITER
Danny's Dinosaurs Dapper Drac Dare and Scare
Daring Denim dark Dark Lover
darkness darkness Darling
Darn Adware!!! Darn Gooses Darn it! (unfinished)
Darrin's Troubles Dartboard Dummy Darth Vadar
Darth Vadar rebuttal Darth Vader busks for a new Death Star Dashed Dream
Dastaan Dastardly Dogs Dat lady
Data Interruptus Date #2 date rap (his spoken, mine thought)
Date With A Tourist Dating Dating And Shoe Theory
Dating sites Daughter of the skies Dave the Knight
Daver Austin Daver You My Dear Have Been Tagged! David
David And Goliath David Davy Crockett David of the white sock
David Williams Davids for David DAWN
Dawn of a New Age Dawn of the Woodpecker Day 7 The neighbor's revenge
Day after Grad Day From Hell Day of death embarrassment and condiments
Day of the Triffids- Dragon Style Day off Daydreamer
Daydreaming Daydreaming Daydreaming Again
Daydreaming at work Daylight Burning Daylight Savings Time
Daylight Savings Time Daylight Savings Time Daymare
DAYS OF OUR LIVES Days of Our Lives (Senryu) Days of the week.
De Heraldi De Javu -High School De-Cadence
De-stress the Dis-tresses Deacon Jones Dead and Gone
Dead Beat Dads Dead body Dead Broke
Dead in denver Dead Man Walking cartoon JOIN IN THE COLLABORATION Dead Man's Curve
DEAD POETRY Dead Poets Dead Weight
Dead Yet Deadliest Catch Deadly Caucus
Deadly Feet Of Tae Kwon Do Deadly Lullaby from the Fool of Hearts Cicero Deadly Magical Power
Deaf Deaf Ears Deal Or No Deal
Deal Or No Deal Deal with It! DEALING WITH ANIMALS
Dealing with Life's Frustrations Dear Adam and Eve, you had 1 Job, that's all Dear Alan Titmarsh
DEAR AUNTY NICKY Dear Barrack Obama Dear Depressed
Dear Doctor: dear dude at the bar Dear Editor or Shreditor
DEAR EX dEAR jOHN Dear John My Happy Place
Dear Miss Monkey Manners Dear Miss Monkey Manners II Dear Miss Monkey Manners III
Dear Miss Monkey Manners IV Dear Miss Monkey Manners VI Dear Miss Monkey Manners VII
Dear Miss Monkey Manners VIII Dear mother nature Dear OLD BOYS -
Dear Poet, and A Genie Bottle Dear Rhoda Dear Santa
DEAR SANTA CLAUS Dear Santa, I Want Dear Sis in Law
Dear Sis, Dear Son Dear Stalker
Death DEATH NOT BY SCYTHE Death and Dying
Death and Taxes DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT Death by Chocolate
Death by Pasta Death Came A Knocking While I Was Out Death can be so Sweet
Death Don't Play Death in a Stairwell Death Makes A Call
Death Metal Kazoo Death of a Salesman Death Of The Dinosaurs
Death of the Dinosaurs Death's Laugh Deb's Challenge
Debate This {Poetry In Motion} Debate: is corn a mammal? Debauchery
Debbie Guzzi Debt of Narcissus Decastich-FABERETTE
Deceived DECEIVED December - Cwistmas Dinner at the Fudds
December 21, 2012 December 26th december fly
Deception Deception Deciphering Emoji poetry
DECISIONS Decisions decline of rich men
deconstructed punch face fist face forever Decry The Ace dedicated to all those women that said 'no'
Dedicated to her Dedicated To My Friend DEDICATION TO GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA
DEEDS GOOD AND BAD Deep Belly-Buttons Deep Kissing Mary
Deep Love Deep Purple Days Deep Thoughts
Deep Thoughts Not By Jack Handy DEEP-FRIED BARRACUDA Deeper
Deer Colette Deer Hunter's Camp Deer hunting
Deer in the Headlights Experience defecation dilemma Defenestrated
DEFIANT GROVER Definitely Not Forgotten Definition of a Point
Defintion Of A Man Deirdre Blues Deja Vu
Delete Delete This File Delicious Delysia
DELIGHTFUL DEFENSE Delish Fish Deliver Me From Living in Florida
Delivery Delusional Delusions of grandeur
Dem Bones Dementia Demeter Dear
Democrat Republican Why Can't We All Just Get Along demon drink Demonic Irony
Demons Beware: New Exorcists Are Being Trained Demons Had Been Caste Out DENGUE LAWN
Denial Denny's New Grand Slam Dense Ego
Dental Doodad Dental Procedure DENTIST
Dentist (footles) Dentist Named Dick Dentists!!
Departing Storm Depression Dept Matters
Deputy Enos Strate DERECHO DE VENIR A TU CORAZ'ON Coming Right At Your Heart DermaWhatologist
Desert dreams Desert Golfing Designer and Surgeon
designer cowgirl Designer Named Quiche for contest Desire
Desire Desire Desired Lady
Despair Desperado Desperate for a Date
Desperate For Work DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE Desperate Intern
Desperate Love DESPERATELY SEEKING Desperation
Despising and Admiring Dessert Destroyer Vs Gareth James (Round 2)
Detective Demands Determination Devil or Angel
Devil With a Rag Devil's Drive-Thru Deviled Eggs, And Other Sinister Food
devils gate Devils Marshmallows Devious Little Valentine
Devision Part 1 Dew Dew Drop Inn
Dew Drop Inn Dewsbury Moor Dexter Bull
Diabolic Sign Diagnosis Blubber dial my number
DIALECTIC POMPOSITY and other name calling Dialing God's Number Diamonds
Diamonds in the sky - A girl's starry friends Diarrhea Diary of a Teen
DIARY OF AN HONEST WOMAN Dick and Jane Dick Tracy
Dick's Club Diction Pictures Did Father Let You Go
Did I Eat Dinner Did I waste my time Did Rabbie Say it at an' Efter Denner Speech?
Did They Advertise Did Ya See it Mama Did You Ever Have a Dream
Did You Hear did you know Did You Know
Did You Know Love Was In An Accident Diddly Squat Didn't
Didn't Know Didn't You Go To School, Stupid?? Die Forelle. . .with apologies
Die Sinner Die(t) die-Pod
Diet Business diet coke break Diet Fruit Pie
Diet Sarsparilly Diet starts Monday Dietary Blues
Dieters Lament Diets Different Connotations
Different Effects Different Kind Of Host Different Kinds Of Magic Beans
Different Look Different Style Mix-Banana Bubble Gum difficult to be
Dig My Own Grave DIGIT-HER dike
DILEMMA Diluted to Polluted Dime Pieces
Dimples dine out 'pon good food Ding Dong
DING DONG Ding Dong Dither - for contest Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead
Ding Dong, Texas Dingbat Dining at the Diaria Buffet
Dining in the Everglades Dining In The Oval Office Dining Out
Dinkley Donker Doffle Dinner Dinner
Dinner Date Dinner for Two Dinner for Two
Dinner Guest by Phone Dinner on the Redneck Riviera Dinner Party and Guess Whose Invited
DINNER QUESTION Dinner reservation Dinner With Myself
Dinner with the girls Dino Dino
Dinosaurs v Meteor: The rematch Dinosauruses Dipping into the till
Dipstick Dan dipterous Dirk Nowitzki
Dirt Devil dirtbag cowboy Dirty Bastard
Dirty Betty the horse of cause Dirty Bottom Blues...Yuck! Dirty Deeds
Dirty Dice Game Dirty Laundry Dirty Laundry
Dirty limerick Dirty Minds dirty poem for inquiring BEHINDS
Dirty Rotten Scoundrel dirty rotten scoundrels Dirty words
Disabled Labels disadvantages Disappeared in Bulge .
Disappearing Funds Disappointment Disarming Disarray
Disarming Disarray Disarming Disarray Disarming Disarray
Disarray Disaster waiting to happen Disaster Preparedness
Disbelief Disco Ball Disco Dad
Discovery DISCOVERY Discovery Dumps Its Load
Discovery of Milk Discursive Nonsense! Discussing The Birds And Bees
Disenchanted Muse Disenchantment Disentranced
Disgruntled Disgusting Fish Habits Disgusting Neighbor
Disgusting Toilet Humour Dishes Dishes
Dismissed Disoriented Drunk Dispel the myth of darkness
disposable organ Dissecting A Speck Dissonant Minion of Love
Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder DISTANT WOODS Tiger Woods clerihew Distraction
Distraction In The Classroom Distressed Ditsy Moment
DIURNAL DIVERSITY Divas that Drink Diverse Perceptions Of The Grand Canyon
Divine Halloween Divine Intervention DIVINE JUSTICE
DIVORCE Divorce Club Divorce Fuss
DIZZY Dizzy With Love DNA
Do As I Please do da bang Do Dinos Soar
Do Do Do Do Wins Do Have Difficult Time
Do I Matter Do I Mis Her? Nah! Do I or Don't I
Do I Remember do i suck at poems or something Do it with Mastercard
Do Not Adjust Your Screen-This Poem Is Temporarily Out Of Order Do Not Interrupt do not laugh
Do not mockthe Zimmer Frame do not require field Do Not Tease the Animals
Do Sane People Have A Chance At Romance Do Slugs Suffer From Gas Do statistics prove anything?
Do Toads Cause Warts do what? Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk
Do you Do You Believe in Ghosts? DO YOU GUESS
Do You Have A Itch, Glitch Or Twitch do you hear what I hear Do You Kinda Like Me To
Do You Know What THEY Say Do YOU Know Who I Am? Do You Know Who Santa Really Is?
Do you miss me in dreams Do you pick your Knows...? Do You Remember Where You Fell In Love
Do You Want To Eat A Peanut Do you? DOA
Doc, These Pills Are Killin' Me Doc-Ologists Docile
Docking the Wogs Doctor Bills Doctor Claw
Doctor death Doctor Doctor, I Sat On My Phone DOCTOR FEELGOOD
Doctor Grandma DOCTOR IN MOTION Doctor Liam Crummy
Doctor Rose Doctor Sneeze Doctor Wrong
Doctor's Waiting Room DOCTORS COOKING SICK Doctors Round
Dodgy Roger DODO-ITSU-not a Dodoitsu Dodoitsu
does age matter Does it Make a Difference? Does my bum look big in this
Does that make any cents Does The World Need Another Sestina? Does Your Back End Waddle
Does Your Sex Drive Diminish Dog DOG THOUGHTS
DOG AND PLASTIC BAG - THE END doG Nose Best Dog and Cat Food
Dog And His Bone Dog called Fish Dog Chase
DOG DAY AFTERNOON Dog Day Footles dog farts
Dog food volcano Dog Gone , Bone Search dog haiku
Dog house ditty Dog Ownership Dog People
Dog Tales Dog That Wears a Cone Dog two
Dog's Day Out DOG'S LIFE Doggie Bag
Doggie Moss Doggie View of a Territorial Miniature Eskimo Doggone
Doggone blue DOGGONE DOG Doggone*Dog *contest*
Doggy doos Doggy Style Doggy Style
Doggy Style Doggy Style Doghouse
Dogs Dogs (Ode to) Dogs Are Funny
Dogs have families - Cats have Staff DOGSs acrostic Doing Sweeties Chores
Doing the wife's hair Doing the Zodiac Sign Doing Time in Kimo
Doing What's Told (And Enjoying It) Doing Wheelies! Doll
Dollar Value Domestic Disaster Domestic-Clean VACCINE
Don in the Doghouse DON'T GET ME STARTED Don't You Dare Flunk Heaven
Don't Ask to Go to the Bathroom Don't Be A Wimp Don't Be Mad Honey
Don't be Mario Don't be Redundant, Veto the Incumbants Don't Belong in the Cat Pack
Don't Blame Me Don't Borrow Trouble Don't Bother Me
Don't Bother Me Don't Bother Me Don't Bother Me
Don't Bother Me Don't Bother Me Don't Bother Me
Don't Bother Me Don't Bug Me Don't Call Me
Don't Disturb The Hive Don't do anything Don't do it her way do it right
Don't Do The Rhyme Don't eat my Pickles Don't Eat Welsh Rarebit
Don't Even Ask collaboration with Tom Quigley Don't Even Ask: Collaboration With Daniel Turner DON'T EVEN THINK IT
Don't Ever Do This Don't Follow The Brigade For Too Long Don't Fool Around! (ode to golf)
Don't Fool Yourself Don't Forget The Chips! Don't forget the sausages
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Don't get caught Don't Get Caught in the Woods After Dark
Don't Get This Started Don't Give Up Don't go for the gusto
Don't Go Near The River DON'T GO THERE Don't Grab the Steering Wheel While God Is Driving
Don't have the special! Don't Jinx It Don't Judge Me
Don't Kiss A Wish Goodbye Don't know what to call this or what it is(Help needed) Don't laugh
Don't Laugh At My Coonskin Cap Don't laugh. Don't Let The Stuff You Get, Get You
Don't Look Don't look back Don't Make an Old Woman Mad
Don't Make An Old Woman Mad (repost) Don't Mess With Dad Don't Mess With Mom
Don't Need To Know How To Knit Don't Play Cards with Billy Don't Play With Fire
DON'T POKE THE SLEEPING BEAR- Don't put me on call Don't put your Dad in a home
Don't read Don't Read This Don't say bad words
Don't smoke all my shiZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Don't Spill The Beans Don't Tell Bones
Don't they know? Don't Touch My Chocolate Covered Nuts Don't Try This In Your Queue
Don't Wait Don't Wake Me Up Till The Day's Over! Don't Watch Your Neighbors...
Don't Wear Out Your Welcome don't you mean.... Don't You Wish
Don't You Wish You Could Dress Like Me Don't YOU... get the point?! Donald
Donald Duck and the AK47 Donald Trump DONDON (What's In My Name)
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior
Donna Donna Dont Get Me Started
Dont Jump Dont Mess With Crazy Women Dont Mess With Crazy Women
Donuts Doodah Doodlebug Behaviour Interventionist
Doom and gloom Doomed Now Door Prize
Door-to-Door Snake Oil Salesmen DOORS Doppelganger's Deja vu
Dorcas Rose Dorcas Rose Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray Dork Dorky
Dossier doze heir About This Sleepy Head Dottie Thrush DOUBLE WAFFLE
Double Dippin Double Disappointment DOUBLE ENTENTE
Double Judged Double Trouble Double Trouble Preacher's Twins
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble DOUBLEBARRELLED Doubly Bugged
Doug Disappeared On a Monday Dough Doves
Down at the Frog-o-Mat DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE Down The Road of Life
Down the stairs Downtown - adult Downy Motherhood
DOZED Dozier In October Dr Frankenstein
Dr Phil's Answering Machine Dr Seuss for Casarah Nance and family Dr Seuss Menu of Clams or Ham and Cheese
Dr Seuss Paranoia Dr Seuss' Sex Drive Dr Suess' Shoe Store
Dr Suess, Ten Pounds On The Bottom Dr. Pepper Special (Epulaeryu) Dracula
Dracula Woman Drafty Fair Air Drag racing
Dragging the Deer Out of Bed Dragon An Army of One Dragon and Dr Seuss
Dragon and Duck Dynamics Dragon and Santa Dragon And The Country Western Star
Dragon Chow Dragon Day Celebration:Running of the Dragons Dragon Down, Dragon Down
Dragon Eats Dragon Fare Dragon Finds A Patron Saint
Dragon Fire Bar and Grill Dragon Fly Dragon for President
Dragon Hood Dragon Meets Washington DC Dragon meets Wolf Creek Pass
Dragon Needs A C-PAP Dragon News Flash Dragon of Oz
Dragon Out of the Mist Dragon Peter Pan and Captain Hook Dragon Santa
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer, No Dragon, My Dragon
Dragon, The UPS Guy Dragons Dragons Accident
Dragons Angels- April Fools Dragons Anxiety Attack Dragons Banana Bread
Dragons Make Great Heating Systems, Part 1 Dragons Make Great Heating Systems, Part 2 Dragons Penguins
Dragons Pets Dragons Side Kick Dragons Wish
Dragons Zoo Field Trip Drained drake
Drawers I Have Known Drawing Attention Dream
DrEaM BrEaK Dream Cake Dream Date
Dream for one week... Dream Fulfilled Dream Land
Dream Love Dream of Celebrities I Dream of Celebrities II
Dream physics Dream Series: Naughty Grandmas XXX Dream Sonnet
Dream Traveler Dream world Dreamboat
Dreambound Dreaming Dreaming by numbers
DREAMING OF BABYLON Dreaming of Ghost (Footle) Dreaming of Lunar Craters
Dreaming of Memes Dreaming of Snow Dreaming Of You
Dreams Dreams Come True Dreams of You
Dreams......Maybe? :) dress revolution Dress Up For Grownups
Dressed For Success! Dressed In Pink Singing A Song of Harmony Dressed to a kill
Dressed to impress- girls night out contest DRESSED UP Dressing For A Trip
DRESSING UP Drink Drink Deep
Drinkin Buddies Drinking Drinking Delight
Drinking from the Baby Bottle Drinking My Way Through the ABCs Drinks Anyone?
Drip,Drop,Plop? Drippity drip drip Drive In
Drive to Success Drive-In Drivel
Driven to distraction and destruction Drivers Wearing Hats Driving
Driving drunk Driving Home a Point Driving in the Rain
Driving Me Crazy Driving Me Mad Driving Miss Daisy
Driving on the asphalt Driving on the left Driving Test
Driving Thru Rat Race Maze Drizzle Dromedary Affair
Drone Bees Droopy Drawers Drop dead gorgeous
Drop-in Traveler Droppings In Rows Drown you with mediocrity
Drowned in Flood Drowned On a Horse Drug Induced love
Drug Test All Those Layabouts Drug Warnings Drum roll for the Dumb role....
Drunk Drunk again Drunk as a Dog
Drunk Boy and the Hungry Cat Drunk man's Statement Drunk on my Tractor
Drunk Or Blind: She Sure Looks Purdy Drunk pilot Drunk text messages
Drunkards have many reasons Drunken Drunken Inverted Triangle
Drunken Moxy Drunken Nights Drunken Outback Dog
Drunken Pen Drunken week dreams Drunkers' sentiments
Dry Cleaners To The Rescue Dryer Down Day Dua-liners-1
Dual Controls, Electric Blanket From Hell, Part 2 Dual Controls, the Electric Blanket From Hell... Duck
Duck eggs for breakfast Duck Haiku Duck in my Quack
Duck Quickly Duck Side Story Duck: Donald
DUCKING my -UCKING! Duct Tape Will Fix Most Anything Duct Tape, Balin' Wire And Super Glue
Dude in homeroom Dudley Do-Right Dueling Would Be Violins
duh Duh Duh May Be the Only Word that Fits
DUI Witch Duke's Dog Do Poo Poo Pick-Up Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Plouck, Plouck, Plouck
Dukes of Hazard TV Dull Razor (A Footle) Dullness
Dumb luck - oh, and ifya don't know, I wish question marks were a choice in titles Dumb Mirror Dumb Questions
Dumb Questions Dumb Questions Dumb Questions
Dumb Questions Dumb Questions Dumbass
Dumping Leaves Dun Drunking Dung on a Rung
Dungeon Delve Dunking One's Biscuit Dusk till dawn
Dust Dust Dust
Dust Bunnies and Cobwebs Dust Bunnies Dust Bunnies Ya know
DUST BUSTER Dust to Dust Dustbin Mind
Duvet Day DVD Lady Dwelling 'Mongst Angels
Dyed in the wool Dying Dreams DYING OF ANXIETY
Dying to Meet Women dying to see how it ends Dysfunctional Dish-functional