All Funny Poems
h,o,h H-Less Jon ha ha ha!
Ha Ha Halloween Ha Ha xD HAALAT
HAD A BALL Had it up to here Haggis
Haggis " ever caught one? " Haggis and Drinks Mi Luve (Mythology) Hah Ha Hah Holloween Night
HaHa Choir Rides Again Hai-ku 1 Haik-HOOT
Haikai for today haiku haiku
Haiku Haiku haiku
haiku Haiku Jam haiku six
Haiku 02 Haiku 06 Haiku 13
haiku 16 Haiku 44 Haiku 7
haiku and humour haiku and you know it Haiku Fun
Haiku Hell haiku i love u 2 haiku III
Haiku Limerick Haiku Musical Haiku Prince Tags Carolyn Devonshire
Haiku Shoppe haiku today november 28 Haiku Trauma Drama
Haiku with Media Haiku: Chocolate Frosting Haiku: Miss Direction
Haiku: Parody 1 - Echo Poem Haikus About God: V Haikus About God: VII
Hail to Suburbia Hail To The Chief! Hail to the Dragon Slayers
Hail, Hail, Freedonia Hair hair
Hair Hair Hair
Hair Hair Dye Hair Everywhere
Hair Fishing Hair Less Hair on her Legs was Weaving Itself
Hair raiser Hair Styles 'You've Got To Be Kidding' Hair's Fair Share
Haircut Hairy Mary Half a man
Half in the Bag Half of Me Half way there
Half-a-Life Halitosis hallmark breakup
Hallmark Fan Brigade hallmark southern funny 1 Halloween
Halloween Halloween Halloween
Halloween Halloween Halloween
Halloween Halloween Halloween
Halloween halloween Halloween
HALLOWEEN 'ELF' Halloween 2011 Halloween Ball
Halloween Candy (Epulaeryu) Halloween Costume HALLOWEEN COSTUMES
Halloween Crazy Jacks Halloween Curmudgeon! Halloween Diner
Halloween Dream- by 7 years old Halloween Folly Halloween Fright Night
Halloween Fun Halloween Fun Halloween Greetings
Halloween Grinch Halloween Haiku Halloween Haiku
Halloween haiku halloween haiku 2 Halloween hand me downs
Halloween Horror Halloween Horror Halloween Humor.
Halloween Innuendo Halloween is Cancelled Halloween Jokes
Halloween Kids with their Chocolate Devine Halloween Limerick Halloween Limerick Contest
Halloween Night Halloween Night Halloween Night.... Sugar Fright ( Footle)
Halloween Party Halloween Party? Halloween Poem # 17..Jack O' Lantern... for Paula's challenge
Halloween Poem # 18...Stewed Witch....for Paula's challenge Halloween Poem # 9..Witch's Stew? HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS
Halloween Scrounge(r) Halloween Then and Now Halloween Treat
Halloween Treats HALLOWEEN WARNING halloween witches
Halloween's Postponed halloweenie Halo
Halo for Horns...Careful! Ham HAM AND EGGS
Ham versus Hog Hammer and Nail Hammy the hamster
Hamster Hamster Wheel Hand Grown In Thyme
Hand in My Pocket hand me a cold one Hand Over the Dough
Hand-Me-Downs Handicapped Handsome
HANDSTAND- Handwashing in the Public Toilet Handy Man
Handyman Hang It Up, It's Over Hangin In There
Hanging Curtain Kitten Kitty Cat always Purring- - Hanging Out With The Head Of Johnny Depp Hangnails
Hangover Hangover Haiku Hanibal the Piranha
Hanky Panky Hanky Panky Hanky-Panky
Hans Lippershey Hans Solo Hansel and Gretel's Surprise
Hansen! Yer It!! Hanzel and Grezel Hapless Gaff
Hapless Halloween ( Footled ) Happenings HAPPIEST DAYS OF MY LIFE
Happily Married happily unmarried Happiness
Happiness for Sale Happiness is a balloon HAPPY
Happy & Rich? Happy 4th of July Happy 4th Of July
Happy 4th of July- patriotic repost HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY ANNE-LISE Happy Birthday
happy birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown (Kyrielle Sonnet) Happy Birthday Duque! Happy Birthday ENTERTAINMENT PROMOTER
Happy Birthday Fat Man Happy Birthday II revisited Happy Birthday Jan
Happy Birthday Jenny (Kyrielle Sonnet) Happy Birthday Mary Duhart (Kyrielle Sonnet) Happy Birthday to all
HAPPY CLUB Happy Dance Ramblings Happy Day of Birth
Happy Ever After HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO MOM Happy half-a-century
Happy Halloween Happy Holidays Happy Hysterics
Happy John Happy lark's 2nd poem Happy Larks 1st poem
Happy larks 3rd poem happy larks 4th poem Happy Larks fifth poem
Happy Mother's Day Happy New Year Happy New Year
Happy New Year HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Happy New Year From The Unicorns
Happy New Year From The Unicorns Happy Place Happy Poem
happy poems Happy Queer Happy Question
Happy Rat Day Happy Snappy Ladybug Me Happy They Are
Happy Valentine's Day Happy Valentines Day To Me Happy Vowel-entine Day
Happy You There Happy-Snappy Birthday Jane Harassment sexual
Hard Crawl Hard Day's Write Hard hat on
HARD LANDING Hard Rhymes Hard Times
Hard Times Hard Times Hard Times
Hard Times Hard Times Hard Times
Hard Times Hard Times Hard Times
Hard Times Hard Times Hard Times
Hard Times Hard Times Hard To Be An Eagle
Hard to Forget Hard To Keep Hard to Swallow and Follow
Hard Working Santa Hard-drive Data of Congress Hardcore satanists
Hardcourt Hero Hardest Days Hardly Shy Mae West
HARDWORKING NUMBER TWELVE Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow Hark, Hey Harold, the Calif. Angels Sing!!
Hark--an Angel--The harbinger of all things good Harken Harmless guest
HAROLD and MAUDE Harrison's Ford ( Harry
Harry Harry Harry And Bess
Harry And Vienna's Couplets Harry koo loo Harry Truman
Harry's Barbershop Harry-Elaine Cooking with Wine Harrysaurus
Harsh My Mellow Harsh My Mellow Harvest Festival
Harvest Perch Harvey Weinstein Has and Has Not
Has Anyone Seen Buck HAS BEEN Has it been a year already-I added a few more
Hashtag Hashtag winning Hat
Hat Crazy hate them LOVE HANDLES HATERS
Hatless Hattie Hats Hats-Dr, Seuss
Haunted Love Have a great weekend Have A Happy Hillbilly Wedding
Have a Nice Day Have A Sardine Have Flying Monkeys and Will Fight
Have Gavel - Will Travel Have I Got a Deal for You HAVE SYMPATHY
Have Sympathy Number 2 Have Sympathy Number 3 Have You Ever Loved Someone So Much You'd Cut An Arm Off For Them
Have You Ever Read Have You Got Gas Have You Had a Drink Tonight - if so slip off your shoes
Have Your Shelf a Merry Little Bookcase... Having a Bad Day Having a Ball
Having Fun Having Fun with Numbers Having Fun...3 limericks!!
having sex - footle Having Things Due is Doo Doo Having Two Faces
He He always He ate all of the doughnuts
he be free He Didn't Climb The Wall Again He grabbed her hooters
He grows in his garden HE IS A LAZY ONE He is a typical Goth
He knocked me off my feet he likes me? He looka like a man
He Married Herself He Needs Depends He Preached That Last Year
He Pushed Me on the Ground He raped my mule He Rode a Hog
He said She said He Said She Said { Footle } He Say She Say
he snores He spit in my drink He Stepped On My Finger
He sucked at Pac-man He Swore On Moby Dick He thinks my tractor's sexy
He Tickled Her Pink He took a toke He Turned Green
He was a serial lover He Was Smoking Hot HE WEARS THEM WELL - Nay Say 2
He Who Depends on Extenze He Who Hath No Music Hath No Soul He writes poetry
He'd Live Forever He'd Rather Be Home Alone He'll Need to Up His Game
He's A Keeper He's a nut HE'S BLIND
He's Fully loaded He's Having Fun He's In A Pickle
He's Really Just a Tiny Chap He's Such A Grump Head Chef
Head For The Sand Head Hung Head Hunting
Head Lights Head Typing HEAD(s) or TAIL(s)
Headache HEADLESS CHICKEN SERVES TWO Headlights are better than Sunbeams
Headlines Woodridge Estates Heads - Poor Jimmy Heads And Tails
Heads Up! Healing Feeling Health
HEALTH FOOD Healthy Full Healthy Moderation
Hear me out bartender Heard A Rumour Heard That, Saw That and I'm Going To Tell
Heart Matter Heart of stone Heart sends brain a gift
Heart to brain HEART Vs THOUGHTS Heart's Desire
Heartache's Milkshakes Heartache's Milkshakes Heartache's Milkshakes
Heartbeat Is A Love Beat { Broken Monku } Hearty at 40 Heat My Enemy heat HEATWAVE Heave Ho and Yo Ho Ho
Heave Ho and Yo Ho Ho Heaven Heaven Ends Too Soon
Heaven for some Heaven Help Me Heaven in Hell
HEAVEN ON EARTH Heaven Sent Heaven Sent
Heaven's Doorway Heaven's Golden Throne Heavenly Bacon
Heavenly bliss Heavenly Laurie Heavenly Louche
Heavenly Lust Heavenly Wee Wee Heavens
Heavy Baggage Heavy Pedestrian Traffic Heck, I Ain't No Cowboy
Hedgehog - adult Hee Haw Heed Thine Own Advice
Heels On Wheels Held Too Long Helen of Troy
Helicopters Hell hath no fury Hell's New Torment
HELLO Hello Kitty Hello Kitty
HELLO MY NEW LITTLE KITTEN- hello not the other one hello omar
Hello to Hello Hello to the Soup Hello, Cousin
Hello, Humans. I Am A Mosquito. Hello, Is This Thing On Hellow, Hallow-E'en
Helluva Hick HELP Need somebody Help From Above!
HELP LINE 3 Help Me Get Elected Help Please!
Help Wanted HELP XXX Help!
Help! Helpful Rooster Helping McGee
hem•or•rhoid Hemingwayesque Eating Hen ~
hen-egg-omelette Hendi Henpecked
Henry Henry likes to bowl her
Her HER FAVORITE BONNET Her "Honor" the Witch
Her Assets Her Body Is On Fire Her Dream
Her Dream Boy Was Full Of Joy HER EYES DID NOT LAUGH Her Facial Hair
Her Fan-ta-sy Her Ferns Her Flowers
Her Gifts Her Hair Dries Her husband's wrath
her kiss her large eyes Her Last Date
Her Last Hurrah Her Love Her Moment
Her Name is Kate HER NAME WAS LUNA Her Prescription
Her Prize Gave Rise Her Sense of Humor Her Stollen Heart
Her Sweet 42 Year-Old-Boy Her Tatoo Her teeth and eyes gleamed smilingly at me
Her Temper Incited Countrymen Her Voice Say Her Wedding
Herbert Herbie Here Come the Crocks
Here I Lie Well Rested Here I Sit In My Nest Here Kitty Kitty
Here Kitty Kitty Here Kitty Kitty Here kitty kitty kitty SQUIRREL
Here Kitty, Kitty Here Lies Bob Here Lies Brutha N Lauh
Here Lies Old Bob Here Lies Todd Here me write - Word play Homophone
Here She Comes Again Here She Comes You'll See Here There be Tygers
Here To Stay Here Ye, Here Ye Here's an Idea
Here's Sum Fun! Heritage Sponges herKidster, Billy
herKidster, Billy Breaks Up With PD HERM Hermaphrodite
Hermit Crab Hermit Roy Hero Sheep: The Golden Age of Wool
Heroes Heroic Pests heros meeting
HEROS MEETING Herray! Herray! HERSHEY DREAMS (multiple Haiku)
Hexed Hexting Addiction Hey
Hey Hey Adam! Hey Bartender
Hey Boo Boo Hey Buddy hey cutie
HEY DADDY Hey Dude Hey Hank, Did You Just -
hey look..FLAB!! Hey Man Hey Otto
Hey Poopyhead Hey Santa Hey Sarah, Where's My Tri-Walls?
Hey Vern Hey Wait A Minute Hey you It's me
Hey! Hey, Bandit Hey, Rocky
Hey, That's My Money Hey, That's My Money Hey, that's my pickle!
hi yam ma min na muse sing papa HI YO, HOOVER, AWAY! Hi-de-hi-de-ho
Hiccup-TB HICK PHONICS Hickery Dickery
Hickey Dickey Hicks in the Sticks Hidden Gift
Hide And Seek Hide and Seek Hide and Seek
Hide or Get a Bride Hiding Away Hierchy of Stupidity
Hieronymus Hippopotamus Higgledy-Piggledy Pickle Higgledy-Piggledy Pickle
Higgledy-Piggledy Pickle HIGH High Blood Pressure and White Coat Fever
High Blood Pressure and White Coat Fever High fibre Harry High Fidelity?
High Five to Brian Strand High Fives at the Casino High Heel Disaster
HIGH HEELS High Noon High Notes
High Purr Billy Biography Sketch back high sChOOL High School Reunion
High Steaks High Tea High!!!
Highbrow Singing Ain't Fer Me Higher Dimensions Highlander Jockey
Highly Intelligent Gluteus Maximus Higzakolouvalopolistika Smith Hilarious
Hillary Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Gone Wild
Hillbillies Bybillies and Blowbillies HILLBILLIES BYBILLIES AND BLOWBILLIES-- Hillbilly 7 Wonders
Hillbilly Abduction Hillbilly Abduction Hillbilly Cuisines
Hillbilly Frankenstein Hillbilly Hand Jive Hillbilly Handfishin'
Hillbilly Holidays Hillbilly Honeymoon Hillbilly Introduction
Hillbilly Inventions Hillbilly Language hillbilly olympics
Hillbilly Reunion Hillbilly Telephone Hillbilly Underwear
Hillbilly Weddin' HIM Him Again
Him And Her Hindsight Hindsight
Hindsight Hindsight Hip Hip Hurray-Debbie's Birthday
Hip Hop Hugh Hippety Hoppity Hippie Commune
Hippo in a Tree Hippopotamus Lunch hipposoreassrex
Hippy Potty Moose Hirsute His Accident
His Fridge His funeral His funeral
His funeral His future's So Bright His Heart She Did Twirl
His Majesty His name is Jane S the hot dog man His name is Jane S the hot dog man
His Name Is My Name Too His Nose His Other Names
His Pip Had A Squeak His Royal Hotness His Socks are pink
His Spandex Shorts His Stroke His Thoughts
His Trip To The Moon limerick His type of Valentine His Willy Had Influenza
Hissss Christmas Gift Historical Heros Historical Misnomer
history History - Death of the Dinosaurs History - Napoleon's Bony Part
Hit the Deck Hitting the Easy Target Hitting the Fan
hmm, let's see whom shall i TAGG ? hmmm Hmmm
Hmmm.... Hmmm??? Hmmmm -
Hmmmm - Hmmmmm! Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Humbug Ho of the Year Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho, Hum HO-HO - HA-HA Hoax
Hobble Hubby Hobo Hodge - Podge Again - Repost
Hodge Podge Hodge Podge Four Hodge Podge Three
Hodge Podge Two Hodge-Podge - Repost Hodgepodge Again
Hodgepodge Poetry Hogging the Cover hoisted by my own petard
Hola Hola, Spain, Would You Take Back Florida HOLD EVERYTHING
Hold My Purse Until I Get Back hold on Hold This
Holding a Sporting Event... Holes in the Head Holiday
Holiday Holiday HOLIDAY CHAT
Holiday Company Holiday Dinner Holiday High Jinx
Holiday Mishaps Holiday Shopping Holiday Spread
Holiday Tag! Doris you're it! Holiday Trolls and Dragon Holidays
holidays Hollering Birds In A Tree Hollow Praise
Hollywood Crash Hollywood Holocaust Hollywood Kiss
Holy Cow Holy Cow { Footle} Holy Cow!
Holy Crap Holy crap Holy Follicle!!
Holy Georgina Holy Humor Holy Is The Lamb
Holy Jeans Holy Moses Holy Rasputin
HOLY SMOKE Holy Teardrops Bat Man Homage to the Fibonacci
home Home Alone :) Home Baked Wared
Home Cookin, It Ain't(footle) Home Improvement ... (acrostic) Home Made Tacos And Other Things
Home schooler Home Sportsman Home Sweat Home
Home sweet Home Home time for Trump Home With A Migrane
Homebody Cares Homely Baby Homemade Dressing
HOMEMADE HUMOR Homeopathic Medicine HOMESICK EXCUSES from a child
homework Homework Homework... What homework?!?
Homophone Entry Honest Dan's Used Cars HONEST OBIT
Honest! Honestly Honesty
HONEY ,HONEY Honey Boo Boo Where Are You Honey Bun
honey do Honey Do List Honey of a ham
Honey Wagon honeybee HONEYMOON FROM HELL a collaboration with Jan Allison
Honeymoon or Divorce----Footle Honeymoon Vacation Honorable Mention
Honorably patted on the head Honour and Glory Hoochie Koochie Bop
Hook, Line and Sinker Hoopinchakey Hooray, the Teachers Are On Strike
Hoot E Owl Esq Hoot's Toot Hoover Havoc
Hope Hope Hope and Change
Hope Has Flown Into My Closet Hope Stick Hopelessly Awaiting For Laundry Day
HoppaLoggagoppolusLand II HOPPERS- Hoppy Easter
Hoppy Times Horaitio Haiku Horn Hormonal
Horn Buttons Horney Jack Horny Toad On A Lonely Road
Horologist Horrid Smell Horror Comes To Town
Horror Movies Horror Poem Horse From Mars
Horse From Mars Horse Deal Horse Lover
Horse Play HORSE SENSE Horsemanship
Horsepower Horsepower. HORSES (Footle)
Horses for courses Horses for courses - and what on Earth inspired me Horses In Jammies
Horsin' Around hospital Hospital Visitations
Hostess Twinkies Come To An End HOT GIGGLE OF THE DAY GOES VIRAL almost HOT AIR - for contest
Hot Bubble Gum Hot Chocolate Hot Cocoa
Hot Date Hot Dessert Hot Diggety Dog
Hot dogs with chili Hot Foot Beach Shuffle HOT GOSSIP!
Hot Jalapenos Hot Kisses Hot Kitty Rancid Milk
Hot Oil In China Hot Poems Hot Stuff
HOT STUFF Hot Tea Hot Toddies
Hot Toddy? Hot, Hot Lovin' HOT,HOT,HOT
Hot-To-Trot Hotel breakfast Hotel Cucaracha
Hotel room next door Hotel without breakfast Hott Geek
Hotter Than Heck Hottest thing in Town Hound Dog
HOUSE DRAGONS House Gecko (Gekkonidae) House Mouse
House of BLAZE---:written special for : LAST CHANCE contest House Of The Rising Bun House of WEED
Housebroken Househusband HOUSEWIFE
Housewife's Lament HOUSEWORK Housework apathy
Housing Nightmare Houston, we have a Person HOW MANY TIMES
How Absurd How An Old Man Defines Love How Are You
How Be Art HOW CAN I BE LONELY How Cats Are
How Did I Get Here? How Did Santa Claus Broke The Reindeer Back HOW DID THAT MAN GET INTO MY BED
How Do I Describe It How Do I Take A Shower How Do You Like Them Apples
How Do You Price a Smile? How Does My Garden Grow? How Dorito's Came To Be
How Floe Nice Tubby In The Throes How Funky Is Your Chicken (Dodoitsu) How he killed her love
How He Loved Her in TIME How Hot Was It How I Got On the Soup
How I Got Richer And What I Did Next HOW I MANAGED not TO BE A DOC How I Met My Husband
How I Would Make A Sweet Revenge Poem How I Write Poetry- The Secrets Out How Long
How Long How Long How Long
How Long How Long How Long Do You Let It Go
How Many Gimmies Do You Get How Many Times How Mr Pie came to rule the world
HOW MUCH FISH CAN SMOKEY EAT How much for the ''Tappan Vee'' Bridge How Much Is a Millisecond
How Much Is The Cat In The Window? HOW MUCH???? How My Family Has Voted Over the Years
How My Sister and I Duped a Crook - 2nd half How Not To Travel How Old Are You
How Old Is That Pirate HOW OLD? How SHOCKING
How Solutions Can Be Born How T Rabbit Got His Name How The West Was Won
HOW TIME STOLE MY BODY How To Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving How to Build a Spacecraft
How to build a spaceship HOW TO BUILD A SPACESHIP: (Or in this case, buy one.) How to Burn a Field
How To Contact Certain Diseases How to Eat a Can of Worms How To get a Dame
How to Get A Woman How to get dumped How To Get Rich From Gambling
How to give a guy a premarital suitability exam How To Harness A Cantankerous Mule How to Hug
How To Injure Yourself In Traffic. How To Injure Yourself While Unclogging A Toilet. How to kill a printer
How to Know When You Are Getting Old How To Look Busy At Work How To Lose A Bikini
How to Lure a Mouse How to make a baby How To Make A Witchs' Stew
How To Make You Funny? How To Pay Your Bills (Part One) How to Pay Your Bills (Part Two)
How to Publish a Book How to Read your Pal's mind How to Recognise a Sheep
How to Revise a Poem? How to Rob a Bank How To See Without Your Head
How To Slice Pie How To Squeeze How To Succeed In The Army
HOW to TAME your APPETITE How to Tell You're In Redneck Country HOW TO UNBLOCK THE MUSE
How Tweety Boid Fwew Dad Cooky-Coup How will I meet him How'd I Wind Up Here??
How's That Again Howard Hughes Howard Hughs - Odd Fact 011
Howard the Duck howe 2 finde Gawd HOWLWEEN AND MEOWWEEN
Hubby's Haircut Huckleberry's Dad Hued Message Of Hope
Huff and Puff Hug A Hoodie Huge Garage Sale
Huggable HughWest Huh
huh..? Huh? Hularious
Huldra Hum Hum Drum Thumb
Human Beings Human Folly Human Gas
Human generator Human Rights Humanity - Mike the Monk
Humans Need Tail Humble Pi Humming Bird
humor Humor Humor
Humor Humor 'Laughter Definations' Humor (I Hope)
HUMOR 101 Humor for the sinner Humor Me
HUMOR REVISED Humor the Mirror Humoring me part 1
humour me Humour or Murder? Humpty - The Coroners Hearing
HUMPTY DUMPTY Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty
HUMPTY DUMPTY Humpty Dumpty of Avalon Humpty Dumpty Smoked Out
Humpy Dumpty Mystery Humpy Dumpty Mystery hunches
Hunger Bum HUNGER INSPIRATION Hungery Jack
Hungover Hungry King Hungry Woman
Hunter Hunters' nite out Huntin Nuttin
HUNTIN' SHOOTIN' AND TIPPIN' Hunting Hunting My Mom In Heaven
HUNTING SEVENS Hurricane Hurricane Ida
Hurry Hurry And Worry Hurry Home
Hurry up Hurry, Frat Boy, Hurry Hurrying
Husband In Hot Soup Husband in soup Hush hush
Hush Now Hustled Hydrotherapy in action
Hyena's showdown Hyperacidity Hyperactive Chattering Squirrel-
HYPHENATED AMERICANS Hypnotist Hypochondria