All Funny Poems
R . U . N. R.I.P Rabbit VS Snail
Rabbit Residual RABBIT STEW Rabbit's in the garden
Rabbits Rabbits Habits Rabbits' Habits
Rabindranath Tagore Raccoon Went A Wooing Raccoon's Baby Sittin' Service
Racecar! (PALINDROME) Rachel, How Could You Racing For The Post
Racing the Clouds Racist Barber RAD
Radar Radar Gun...footle Radiator hose
Radical Man Radical Sabbatical Radio Mimes
Raggedy Cars Rain Rain
Rain CONTRA Rain Drops Rain Man Odd facts 005
Rain on My Parade Trilogy (Haiku/ Series) Rain or Shine RAIN!
Rain-A fellow souper Rainbow Rainbow Kink
rainbow man RAINBOWS Rainbows and Football
Raindrops Raining Dragons Raining Orangutans
RAINTER Rainy Day People Rainy Days
Raise a Glass for Cheer Raisin Bread Break-up Raisons
Raking it in Ralph Ralph Escapes the Big House
Ralph Zimmer Acrostic Poetry Rambler RAMBLING
Ramblings of a Graveyard shift worker.... Rambunctious Theater Ramona Sheep
Rancher, Ranch Hand, Cowboy, Cowhand PART 1 RandJ Random
Random Entries From My Diary Random Reasoning Random Tax Facts
Random Thoughts *41* Monotetra Random, Imaginary Thoughts Random, Unintelligable Thoughts
Randomling 1 contest love poem Randomling 29: Bell the Cat Randomlings 1-34
Randy Randy The Ring-Tailed Raccoon Rap
Rapid Response Turtle Team RAPSCALLIONS Rapscillion Randy
Rapture Rapture of May 21st, 2011 Rapture Party
Rapunzel's Revenge rare occurrence RASCAL BUT CUTE
Rascally Rabbit Rascals at Play Rash Horny Ram
Raspberry Tea Rasputin Rasputin's New Robe
Rasta Ring n Ride Rasta Ruben rat and pig or you and me
Rat on Crack Rat Race Rat With Chunk Cheese Shoes
Rated R Rated XXX Rats and Politicians
Raven Ravens ravings of a PIANO PLAYER(Sad Composers say too much)
RavinNVRmore Ravishing Rosie Raw Ten Luck
Rawhide Razor Strop Razorback Hoghunt (Ole Brownie P2)
RBT BLUES Re-cycle me Read at Your Own Risk
Read Between The Lines Read Over Again read the exit
Read This Fast! Reading Reading 101's Wild Ride
Reading Glasses Reading Robert Browning Ready to Marry Jim
REAL CEREAL -TRIX Real Estate Jargon Explained REAL FEELINGS
Real Fireworks Real house wife at Christmas Real Men Don't Cry
Real Men Don't Need Directions... Real Men Wear Pink Real Men Wear Pink
Real Men Wear Pink Real Men Wear Pink Real Men Wear Pink
Real Men Wear Pink Real Men Wear Pink Real Men Wear Pink
Real Men Wear Pink Real Men Wear Pink Real Men Wear Pink
Real Men Wear Pink Real Rubaiyat real story
Real Women Sweat Reality reality
Reality Fun Reality Not All That Sunny Reality Show Reality
Realization Realization Really
REALLY - WELL RALEIGH Really Catchy Title Really Good Soup
Really Runny Nose Rear End Rear Ending
Reason REASONABLE MADNESS Reasons Not To Kill Ourselves
REASONS TO THROW THINGS OUT OF THE WINDOW rebel raindrop Rebellion at The Cause
Rebellion At The North Pole REBELLION OF MY BIG TOE Rebellious
Rebellious Dieter Rebuttal Recalling the Recall
Recent Random Events Recess Recipe collection
Recipe for marriage Recipes Of Ill Repute Reckless Inspiration
Reckless Ron's Explosive Barbecue Reconstructive Criticism RECTANGULAR IN SHAPE
Red Red red bike
Red Bull Red Cheeks. ( Both Sets.) Red Corvette
Red Eyes Red Headed Stepchild Red Hots
Red In The Inside, But Black In The Outside Red Light Red Mazda 323
Red Necks Red Ribbon Red Riding Hood Retold
Red Sox Nation Red, red whine RED-FACED IN PHILLY
Red-nosed Roy REDALICOUS Redecorate
Redefined Redeye Gravy redidit the front page of the internet
Redneck Family Reunion Redneck FATHER'S DAY------ Redneck love poem
Redneck Love Song REDNECK RED RHYME Redneck Valentine
Redneck Wedding Redneck Wedding Rednecker Car Wash
Rednecks and Roundabouts Redundancy Redundancy
Reebok Shoes Reese Reflection
Reflection Reflection in a Paris Cafe Reflections in the Firelight
Reflections of insanity Reflections of Orange Sunshine Reflections on a Roasting Pan
Reflections: Intellectualism Reflective perspective (what you see is what you get) Reformed Witch
Refrigerator of Doom Refund refusal
Regal Beagle Regal, burgundy and grey Regarding Humor
REGARDING MY CALORIES Regga NIghts Part 2 Reggae Nights Part 1
registered with the Pennsylvania Dept of Poetry Regretting Cake REGRETTING CAKE
REGRETTING CAKE Regretting Cake Regretting Cake
Rehab With a Twist Rehaboholic? Rein Drops
Reincarnated Reincarnated Reincarnated Rozetta, Disappointed
Reindeer Reindeer Borealis REINDEER GAMES
Reindeer Games Reindeer Strike REJECTED
Relationship Math Relative-ity Relax
RELAX (Cinquain) Relax and Kick Back Relax Honey The Worms Will Play
relax your mind Relax, Mrs. Crockter Relaxing on the Beach
Release Your Jolly Relief From The Ultimate Boredom Relief Valve
relish Remedy of me woes remedy required
Remember Remember it's November, then it's December Remember When
Remember when we were funny kids Remembering The Phant Reminds me of Jazzel
Reminiscence REMINISCENCES OF A DINOSAUR Reminiscing is a funny thing
Remodeling My Head Remote Control Remote Control
Remote Control REMOTE CONTROL MADNESS Renaissance Man
Rendezvous with the Reaper Renovation Lamentation Rent A Poetry Man
Rent-A-X Repent Repercussions
Repetition Repitition REPLACEMENT
Replacement Teacher Reply Email From Subby Conscience Reporting Live across the World
Reporting Live On The Soup (Colorado) Repost Chocolate-Trochee Repunzel or Bust
Reputation Deputation Requiem for a dram requiem for a lamb
Requiem For a Racquetball Racquet's Racket RESCUE Rescue Me
Resistance Resolution Bittersweet Resolution Time
Resolutions Replay Resourceful father, wanting to know about Respect
Respect Her Always response to Ian's NAKED WIFE footie Rest
REST IN PEACE Rest In Peace, My Feisty Lover Restless
Restless Legs Syndrome RESTLESS SEA Restlessness
Restricted Restrictedtoo Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy - Poor Husband Retail Therapy Please Retaliation
Retired Finally Retired Romance 1st of sequence- " IKE " and Jane " Retired, B%$#@ing Movie Star
Retirement Retirement RETIREMENT
Retirement Retirement Retirement and the Mountains
Retirement Of A Dear Old Friend Retirement Plan Retirement Poem
RETRIBUTION IS NOT MY DOG Return of the Kung Poo Masters Return Of The Prodigal Son
Return to OZ return to sender Returning food
Reveille Revelry of the Glutton Revenge
Revenge Revenge a Dish Served Cold Revenge of the Office Copy Machine
Revival Meetin's Revival of the fittest - Time to surrender Revolving Resolution
Revving Up Rexie the Lizard Rhino Run
Rhoda not Rhonda Rhoda's Twin Moons Birthday (Kyrielle Sonnet) Rhyme
Rhyme and Reason Rhyme and Wrinkles RHYME CRIME
Rhyme?...Not Me Rhymers curse Rhymes Rhymes Rhymes
rhymes with i'll Rhymes with Use Rhyming Class
Rhyming Poem Rhyming Poetry is for Children Rhyming Robot
Rhythm Ribbitt RIC-SIC: WANRED
Rice and Beans Rich and Famous rich biiiii
Rich Dock Sailers Rich Lady Rich Relative Nuptials
Richard Milhouse Nixon Richard The Third - A Poem Especially For Amelia Richard's Game Show
Rick Jagger Rick Lime Rick Roll
Ricky Ricardo kicked my ___ Ricky the Raccoon RICKY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY
Rid The Bloids Riddle Riddle me this
Riddle Me This Riddle me this Riddle me that the Amazing Riddles of Fraidy Bat Riddles and Fiddles
Ride home from the beach Ridiculous RIDICULOUS
Ridiculous Me Ridiculously Sensible Ridin' Dirty On My Moped
riding for love Riding on with a Beating Heart RIG-AMA-ROLL
Right at Wrong Right Hook Right To Bare To Arms
Right Woman Or Not Rightful GPS Rikki Tikki
RING ring a bell Ring A Bell ?????
Ring Around The Collar Ring Around the Rosy Ring out the old?
Ringo Kady and the Cowboy Ringtone Guffaw RIP John Doe
RIP my little P D RIP Nephyr E Nough Rip Van Winkle
Ripe Muscadines Ripples of Fear Rise and Shine
Rise of The Sonnet Man Risk Rita
Rite Rite Of Passage River Conch
River in Early July Riverboat Gambler riverside blues
Rjancher, Ranch Hand, Cowboy Cowhand PART2 Road angst Road Food
Road Rage Road Rage Road rage
Road Rage(Footles) Road Rash Road Trip
Road Trip Road trip Road Trip With The Kids
Roadkill Vittles roam Roast Dinner Sin
Roast goose Rob'n Peter to Pay Jack Robbed
Robbery at Dry Gulch Robbie ROBERT FROST WAS NO HELP TO ME
Robert Burns translation: To a Louse ROBERT FROST AND THE FLEAS ROBERT GOULET
Robert Makes His Will Roberto DeVilliano ROBIN
Robin and his friend Worm Robin Hood Robin Hood and his merry band
Robin Hoodie Robin Williams, Sad Comedian at Heart Robo.Dude
ROBOT ICI Robot's Last Kiss Rock Around The Clock
Rock Candy Whiskey Rock N Roll Rock On
Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors Rock paper scissors
Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors ROCK SOLID
Rock Star Rock the house and Roll back the furniture Rock,,,Paper,,,Scissors
Rock-Paper-Scissors Rock-Paper-Scissors Rockers in Rockers
Rocking Out to the Beating of My Heart Rocks-Papers-Scissors Rocky
Rocky is a Cattle dog Rocky Mountain Oysters Over Meatballs Rocky part 103
Rocky The Rooster Rocky VII Rocky XII
Rocky's Nighttime Visitors Rod's spanner Rodento
Rodeo Roy ROFL or LMAO or LOL Role Reversal
Rolex Heirloom Roll Roll Call
Roll on Roll'in Dem Dare Stones... Rollee Pollee
ROLLER SKATING MOUSE Roller Skating On The Freeway rollercoaster
Rollin' In My Pacer Rolling change while reading poetry Rolling Lotto Ticket
Rolling Stones Rolling with the Punches Roman Wedlock
Romance & Humor Romance in Durango Romantic
Romantic Charm In Four Lines - This One Worked Romantic Dinner Romantic dinner gone wrong
ROMANTIC GESTURE Romantic Mush Rome-antics
Romeo the Great Lover ROMEO'S CHARMS Romeo's Goodbye
Romney Ron Has A Potion Ronald Rump
Ronda Rousey RONNIE Ronnie Reagan
Rooster Root Root
Root Root Root
ROOT BEER BELLY Missuer and an ode to all things 70's & 80's ROOT CANAL rooted compulsive obsession with hair
ROSALIS NEBULUS ROSCOE Roscoe Had Too Much to Drink
Roscoe Learns Not To Cheat His Uncle Rose of Blue Rose sung for me
Roseanne Rosemary And Thyme ROSES
Roses and their Colours Roses Are Red Roses Are Red
Roses are red, violets are blue ROSES FOR YOU- Roses Stink
Roses, Violets, Sugar and You Rosie's Affair ROSY KITCHEN DIP - FOOTLES
Rotten Orange Rough Day Roulette
Round Round - A - Bout Route 66ish N0 7
Route 66ish No 1 Route 66ish No 10 Route 66ish No 11
Route 66ish No 12 Route 66ish No 13 Route 66ish No 14
Route 66ish No 15 Route 66ish No 16 Route 66ish No 17
Route 66ish No 18 Route 66ish No 19 Route 66ish No 2
Route 66ish No 20 Route 66ish No 3 Route 66ish No 5
Route 66ish No 6 Route 66ish No 8 Route 66ish No 9
Route 66ish No4 Rover Row Houses
ROXY, THE ROTTWEILER Royal Jelly On King Size Slaves Royal Ride
Rub A Dub Dub Rub-a-dub dub Rubber Babies
Rubber Check Rubber Duckie Rubbish
RUBIK CUBISTS AND OTHER MANIACS Ruby In The Sky With The Sandman Ruby's Breakfast
Ruby, It Ain't Tuesday... Rude Hood Rudolph
Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph - A Compendium
Rudolph and Comet Stayed Home Rudolph and Comet Stayed Home- For Contest Rudolph and His Red Nose
Rudolph Clerihew Rudolph Clerihew Rudolph Found Home
Rudolph Gets the Job Rudolph Got Drunk RUDOLPH JON RINALDI
Rudolph's Accident Rudolph, The Brain Dead Raindeer Ruffled Feathers
Rufous Hummingbird Rufus and Bill Rugby
Rugged Rule 51 rules for having a side chick
rules for having a side chick Rules For Success Rules in the eyes of a toddler
rum and grits RUM DUMB Rumbled
rumor rama Rumors Rumors Told
Run run and rhythm Run Away Emu
Run Chicken, Run RUN FORREST RUN Run From the Sun
Run the Extra Mile Run! Runaway Train
Runaway Train Runaway Train { Footle} RUNAWAYS
Runcorn Moonlit Romance Runners "Low" RUNNIN KETchup BURNIN TURNT MUSTARD TOAST-
Running Running Bare Running chestnut - oxymoron
Running Chestnut- aphorism Running Chestnut- Enjambment Running Chestnut- Expression verbivocovisual
running Chestnut- Syntax-ing RUNNING DOWN THE STREETS Running From The Po Po
Running Hot Running late Running late almost eight, what can I say no work today
Running Naked Running Naked Running Naked
Running Nekkid Again Running on empty Running On Fumes
Running Shoes / Alfredo's Hideaway Running Taxes Running with Scissors
Runny rush Rush
Russell Brand Rutabaga For Lunch RV Roam
Ryan Seacrest International Spy Rythmn of the Beat Rzhrpicks