All Funny Poems
O Christmas Tree O Forgetful O it's April there
O Solo Meow O The Indignity of it All O Worldly Concept god
O' 'Eck, My Mistake O' cuckoo song you sing is sweetest of all but not clean from inside O' possum
O'Reiley and O'Riley obese obese
Obese birds Obituary of a moth Obliteration
Obnoxious Kitty Obscene Green Observation
Observations From My Pew Obsession OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER
OCD OCD Me Ocean Trash
OCHSA and Poetry Oct-to-baby Octave-CHOOSING CAROLYN
October October Considered October the 8th
October, 1582 Odd bird Odd Calls From Odd People
odd coffee date Odds Are Ode
Ode Ode 2 My Poetry Ode Murine---Ode to a Mouse
Ode or a Refrain Ode To "Survivor" Ode to a Big Car
Ode To A Blueberry Roan Ode to a cotton swab ODE TO A DIAPHRAGM
Ode to a dream lover Ode to a Green Hat Ode To A Gym Teacher
Ode To A Lemon Ode to a Shrunken Sweatshirt Ode to a Skip
Ode To A Summers day Ode to a Toad Ode to a Toad in the Commode
Ode to a traffic light Ode To A Turkey Ode to a Workaholic
Ode to a Writer Ode to ALF for Laurie's Sake! = ) Ode to Amsterdam
Ode to an Arborculturalist Ode to Bobby Pickett Ode to Cats
Ode to Charlie Sheen: Bi-Winning Ode to Coffee Ode To Congress
Ode to Cooking Ode to Espresso Ode to Friendship
Ode to Garfield Ode to Imodium Ode to Kao Niew - Sticky Rice
Ode to Maccoroni ode to marshmellow peeps Ode to Miller McVie
Ode to My Ex Ode To My Father Ode To My Fish 'Skinny-D'
ode to my java Ode to my little chachka ODE TO MY SKINNY PANTS
ODE TO MY SKINNY PANTS Ode To New White Socks Ode to Pillow Fights
Ode To pork Rinds Ode to Rubber Boots Ode to Sean Kelly
Ode to the black lady Ode To the Buffoons Ode to the Cheese Crispito
Ode to the Computer Keyboard Ode To The Cotswold Hills Ode to the Cowboy Yodeler
Ode to the Failure of Modern Philosophy to Defeat Skepticism ODE TO THE GOOD TIMES ode to the green thing
Ode to the Haiku Ode to the Mother in Law Ode to the Nut
Ode to the Rapper Ode To The Toilet Plunger Ode To The Toilet Plunger
Ode To The Unemployed Ode to Trees Ode to Trevor
Ode to Willy Ode To Women ode underwater
Ode--or what's owed--to men ODER ODIFEROUS AIR
Odor-cide of all boyfriends past Of Birds and Bees
Of Course Not Of Curse OF HYPERBOLE
OF LOVE'S SYNDROME Of Mice, Women and Santa Of monster, fish burger, Casper and I
of my body Of Nails And Wood Of Peach Fuzz and Prickly Pears
Of Pestilence and Resilience Of Road Rage and the Poetrysoup Profanity Policy Of Road Rage and the Poetrysoup Profanity Policy
Of Road Rage and the Poetrysoup Profanity Policy Of Spinach and Women Of the current agonies of a mother
Of Watermelons On The Vine And Rock Salt In The Pants Of Watermelons On The Vine and Rock Salt In The Pants Of Whine and Cheese
Of Yard Sales Of Yard Sales Off and On Switch
Off Balance Off Season Santa Off the Cuff- Another ad-lib from the Madman
Off The Road Again Off The Scale Off the shelf
Off the top of my head Off to Bed Offensive Odors - That Kid
Offered money and no any fees Offering Offering
Office of the Vice Poem Office Romance Officinale Taraxacum
Offshore Fishing Adventure Offspring Ogden Gnat
Oggwool Fleece Ogling Owglet OGONGO
OGONGO II Oh POOHY { Limerick} OH Dear What Can the Matter Be There Must Be Something Wrong with Me
Oh My Goodness Oh A-choo oh boy
Oh Carol Oh Dear Oh Dear what the matter can be
Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be OH DEAR, WHAT CAN THE MATTER BE Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be
OH DEAR, WHAT CAN THE MATTER BE Oh Dear, What Could the Matter Be oh drama queen
Oh erratic One OH EXAMINATION Oh fish
Oh flip!! He spilled it! Oh for some Zzzz Oh Granny
Oh Hum Oh if it were only true Oh Joe
Oh Like That Is SO Gross Oh Lord! Oh Lordy Me
Oh Louise-If The Shoe Fits Oh me, Oh my Oh Me, Oh My
Oh Mothman Oh Mr. Bernanke! Oh My
Oh my Oh My Food! (Senryu) Oh my giddy Aunt
OH MY GOD Oh my God, they killed Kenny! Oh My Gosh Santa!
Oh My Grandpa Dear Oh My, Aren't Kids Funny FUNNY KIDS CONTEST Oh my, to die, in a sigh, of pie??
Oh our bellys Oh Pigs Feet Oh Poor Cable Man
Oh princess dear OH SHOOT--- A DOGGONE COOKIE Oh Snap
Oh So Old Oh Superman Oh That Will - TB
Oh the Delight of Me Oh The Glory Of Her Sex, Mrs. Mary Blaize by Oliver Goldsmith oh the neds
Oh The Smell Oh The Wait Oh Them Robins
OH THOSE S Is Oh Those Ticklish Spots Oh Uhura - To Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
Oh Well Maybe Oh Well! Oh What A Love
Oh What Fun Oh Woe Is Me Oh Wolverine
Oh Word Where Are You Oh Yeah! OH! OH!
OH! ‘WISDOM' OF MUSE!! oh! Christmas Tree Oh! Dear gawd!
Oh! happy days Oh! this is my version of "the cat and the fiddle" Oh, baby
Oh, Christmas Tree oh, dont mind me Oh, Funny Night Owl - LOL
Oh, little moth Oh, Lord, What Have I Done Oh, No, Here She Comes Again
Oh, to be Young Oh, Toilet Bowl Oh, when will be Spring in Alexandria
oh, yes. Oh, You Don't Know...Part 3 Oh,doctor I am in a flap
OH-DEAR oink OINK VEY - Limerick
OINK YOU ASHAMED? OK - so its not PC Ok Abe, your up next
Ok own up who set the world on fire. OK, IT'S FLAT OK, But I'm Leaving The Seat Up
Okay - I'll Settle for Cremation OKAY GUYS ! Okay! I'll Settle for Cremation...
Oklahoma's spring Ol' Bess Was A Bust Ol' Blue
Ol' Jimmy Jam Jones Ol' Jimmy Jam Jones Ol' Puckerlips
Ol' Suzy Ol' Wes, Ol' Craig And Rocky Olay
OLD AGE Old 'Iron-Ass' Old 22
old 66 mustang Old Age OLD AGE IS WHEN
Old Age?? Old Ain't Dead Old And Holding Aces
Old As Dirt Old As Dirt Old As Dirt
Old Betsy Old Betsy - Part 2 Old Betsy - Part 3
OLD BIDDY'S DISHING DIRT Old Bleached Gator Old Blood And Guts
OLD BLUE Old Blue old bones
OLD BOOZED WILLY Old but still in time to live longer Old Calendars
Old Christmas Tune Old Church Bells Old computer.
old couple Old Crazy Joe Old Dan
Old Davy Crockett Old Edgar A Poe My Kin OLD EQUIPMENT
OLD FOLKS ARE WORTH A FORTUNE Old Gentleman Jack Old Grandma
Old Granny Goodness Old Grimalkin old harold and the moon's echo
Old Irish Joke Old Irish Joke 2 Old Jeans
Old Lady from Crewe Old lady and Bird Old Lady and Shoe
Old Lady Stinky Feet Old Like Me Old Love
Old Macdonald Had a Baby old maid Old Maid Hadder, Got Madder And Madder
Old Man Old Man Dan old man of york
Old Man Time Old Man Time Old Man Winter
Old McDonald's Wife OLD MELON Old Men
Old Mother Hubbard's Night Old Nelly Old Poet
Old Profession Old Racers Old Raunchy Macaroni
Old Roger Old school Old Shattered Pieces
Old Show Old son, Young Dad OLD STAGERS
Old Tucker Brown Old video game systems Old Will's The Bear
OLD WOMAN IN THE SUPERMARKET Old women make me horny Old Years New Tears
Older Older Poems VS Newer Poems oldman
Ole Boy Head Ole Brownie (P1) Ole Max (inspired by Andrea)
Ole Tom Willy OLE! Ole' Saint Nick
Olfactory Overload Olive Oliver Thinks
Olivias' Tale Ollie Ollie the Octopus
Olympic Tickets Olympics ON BEING A FISH
On a Cold Frosty Night On a Day Like Today on a diet
on a mat a pier ON A MERRY-GO-ROUND On A Nod
On a Park Bench On a Planet In Far Outer Space On a Whim, we Swim
On Aging On an Outlaw On And Off
On Antibiotics On Behalf of Frosty On Being
On being offered cheese as a dessert On Bynar Day On Clint Eastwood's Birthday
On Excessive Alliteration On Finding More Paper ON FINDING NEMO
On First Names On Flying Air Canada On Growing a Lawn
On Haiku On her face read only one On His Haunch
On Ice On making a jest On Math
On My Brother's Favorite Sandwich... On my Computer-They ruin your LIFE.... On My New Car, A Scar
On my Own On My Throne On Noms-de-plume
On one of life's totally insignificant incidents On Original Condition ON PHONE (2)
On Pins and Needles On Playing Poor Cricket On Property Management
On Reading a Poem I Don't Understand ON READING TO THE LAST LINE OF A POEM THAT YOU HATE On relection
On Sale On Seeing a Painting by Picasso On Seeing the Mona Lisa
On Stage with Jerry Stringer On the 18th Day of Nature ON THE BAYOU
On the Beach On the Beach On the Death of a Fly
on the fancy package it came in On the fifth floor, and on the narrow staircases On the Las Vegas Bus
On The M62 On the Mockery of Free Verse Poetry ON THE NAMING OF A CHILD
On the Occasion of the Death of Your Worst Enemy ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN ON THE PLANE TO SPAIN
On the Porch On The Public Square On the Raod to Carolina
On the Road On the road to Damascus On the road to Inverary
On the roof of the brand new- Porsche On The Southern Alligator Farm On the wall of the church
ON THE WIND'S CURRENT On Thumbs and Auto-Complete On your trail
Onashville Once I Heard Once I was a Carpenter
Once Mac And Cheese Once Upon a Happenstance Once Upon a Nuclear Bomb
Once upon a surprising appendage ii Once Upon A Time Once upon a Time
Once Upon A Tom Once Upon an Under Edited Mid-life Crisis One Afternoon
One Armed Bandit one bad squirrel One Bad Trip
One banana for D.C.( you know who you are) One Crazy Night One date too many
One Day at the Library One Dingy-Ringy One drunken night
One Eyed Purple Rage One F'n Word One famous night (a Quiz)
One For Kicks One for the Girls One good man from North African tribe
One Grey Hair One Hair on a balding man's head One Hallows Eve
One Horse Town One Hunch Of A Tale one hundred percent
One In The Same One in Three one is little two is good three is too much
One Last Favor One Last Fling One last tidbit...
One liners - For the contest One Little Two Little Three Little Piggies One Meal Ill Never Forget
One Minute Man One More For Good Measure one naught one naught
One Night in a Haunted Manner One Night in a Haunted Manner One Night in Stroud
One Night Stand One Night We Went Driving One of Lifes Treasures
One of those daisies ONE OF THOSE WONDERS One of Us Mice
One Poet's Advice One Requirement One Scene From One Movie
One Side of a Phone Conversation one step ahead One Step Forward, Two Back
One stone One Summer Carnival Night One Teeny Tiny Problem
ONE THAT LIVES WHEN LIVES One Third Haiku One Threw Ten
One Tiny Flaw One Too Many One Tracked Mind
One Way Or Another One Year ONE YEAR LATER
One, Two, Glow one, two, three one-sided romance onion sauce , sambal bawang Onions 'n' Liver
onions and apples Online Dating Failure Number 1 Online Fun
Online Pain Online tete-a-tete Only
Only God Knows Only 29 Only a man can relate
Only Brother Only By Ashden Only God Could Love A Bumblebee
Only Mostly Dead Only One Way Out ( THe ZoO ) Only Serious Poet's Need Apply
Only Two Weeks, The Promise Onslaught Ontario Impresario
OO The Waiting Room OO - All in One Stinking Week Oo La Ween!
OO---I'm Afraid Of My Fridge Oodles of Joy Ooooh that Hair Power
Ooops, Six Spooks In A Coup, De Grace OOPS Oops
Oops OOPS (Limerick) OOPS Too Late
Oops! Oops! Oops! Sorry 'Bout That!
Oops, Not Yet, My Dear! (Fibonacci) OpalFlower OPEN & SHUT
Open ended poetry contests Open House OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT
Open Secret Open to Suggestion Open Up
Open Wide Opening Time Opera - Rouge
Operation Freedom-no oscar nomination Operator Opinions
Opinions Opossum Opposite Sex Story
OPPOSITES Opposites and Differences Opposites attract
OPPOSITES ATTRACT # 1 OPRAH WINFREY Optimism is key-to heaven on earth...Not!
Optimistic Daffodils Options Or Maybe She Wanted Some Sleep
Oracle contest Orang Versus Bog orange
Orange Angst Orange Blossom West Orange you Glad to be---an Orange---
Orangutan and the Chimpanzee Orchards of Thought Order or Sequence of Events
ordinary folk 1 Ordinary Man Organic or Not...
Organize Organs to think with Originally From
Ornery Cat Orphan Troll- Space Dreams Oscar-ku 7 -It Happened One Night
Oscillating Fans Ostracism Ostracized not Secularized
Ouch OUCH Ouch Low Battery
Ounce of Prevention Our Cheerful Grandpa (Footle) Our Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree Our Cow Our Daughter Bob
Our different day. Our Favorite Our frozen breath
our grandson Our Hectic Life OUR HEDONISTIC LAD
Our House Our House Our Leaders Are Nuts
OUR LIBRARIAN Our Love Song Our Mother Made Lasagna
Our New Almost Vice Principal Our New Year's Resolution Our Noon Time Nibblers
Our Not-So Perfect World Our politicians Our Portliest President
Our President's Day Our PS Triumvirate Our Puppy Dog
Our Resident Specter OUR SEPTEMBER Our Spicy First Date
Our Teacher Rides on Her Broom Our Teachers Out Cast
Out for a jog Out for a Stroll Out Heart
Out house saga Out Ninja'd Out of a Cannon
Out Of Control Out Of Date Lean Cuisine Out of Gas
OUt of Ideas Out of order Out of the Blue
Out of the Closet Out of the frying Pan Out of the Mist
Out of the Mouths of Babes OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES Out Of Tune
Out on a limb (aka- what WOULD Jesus do???) Out Pops - a collab with Olive Eloisa Guillermo OUTBACK AUSTRALIA CUSTOMER SERVICE
Outback Jack Outburst Number Three Outburst number Two
Outdated Colecovision Outdoor decor limerick OUTFLANKED
Outhouse Blues Outlook Workout Outrageous Shopping Cart Battle
Outside My Window for contest Outside The Box Outside, looking in
Outsmarted Outsmarted Again Outsmarting The Grim Reaper
OUTSTANDING CAR Over Easy Over The Age of Fifty This One is for You
Over The Hill Footle Over your head Over Zealous
Overboard in Love Overdone OverDraft
Overdue BILLS BILLS BILLS Overeating Dragon Overeating Dragon
Overheard Number 5 Overload Overshoot
Overslept Overthinking Subtleties Overtime Again
Overweight Vampires Overworked Witches Owed to the Lego Men
Owie Owl Whoo Whoo OWW - My Butt!
OXYMORON Newsflash: Oxymoronica-THE NAIVE OUTSIDER Oy Vey, Another Groundhog Day
Ozone Pollution